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No poo help?
Hi, I've been no poo for about 2 weeks now, and I really struggled not to give up today.

Basically, I've been using baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash my hair and I got that horrible waxy feeling, my hair felt like waxy straw, my hands felt like they were covered in gunk when I touched my hair, and it just felt a bit like one massive clump of hair.

After doing some research, I saw that washing their hair with eggs helped some people, so that's what I did today, rather than give up. I was a bit silly though - so after washing it with two whole eggs, despite it feeling great, I still went ahead and used a little bit of baking soda at the roots of my hair because my hair didn't feel clean. I did a acv rinse as normal.

So, it's drying at the moment, and the bits that i didnt use baking soda on are not waxy at all, so thank goodness that's been fixed. They're also shiny, although a sort of dry looking and feeling, and slightly brittle feeling. The baking soda top layer of hair feels waxy - so at least I know its the baking soda and my hard water not agreeing that's causing it!

However, I used to have silky, straight, shiny hair (that I definitely should have appreciated more at the time!), and my hair when i was using shampoo, since I hit the age of about 14 (I'm 19 now), was dry, frizzy,wavy, soft but sort of fluffy feeling? I can deal with hormones or whatever having made my hair wavier but I desperately long for those silky locks! Even now, after the egg wash, I feel like its sort of fluffy.

My problem with using eggs is that -
1. I cannot stand the smell, although having said that, if it gave me shiny silky hair, I dont care. But has anyone got any ideas as to what could help?
2. It's not giving me shiny silky hair - is that just me being impatient? Should I just give it more time? Has anyone got any alternatives?
3. I dont know if this is just because I was being rough, but I still seem to lose a lot of hair when i brush it, although conisderably less than when i used the baking soda. Anyone using eggs have this problem?
4. Eggs are so expensive. Is there anything like eggs, which seem to just be so so so gentle on my hair but cheaper?

I was going to ask should I give baking soda another go, with distilled water, but even by writing all of this out I seem to have answered my own question and decided that I'm not it's biggest fan. It's so strange because I seem to be loving eggs, but hating them at the same time - I think it's because I'm so happy that it feels clean and not clumpy and waxy, as if I have washed it with shampoo, but now i'm thinking right ok and trying to find the right shampoo that will make my hair perfect. If that makes any sense whatsoever. Haha.

Sorry about the absolute essay!! I just want to find something that will make my hair healthy and strong and shiny. (And not fluffy. I hate that so much) Thanks!

Oil Covered Hay
Purple Flowers
I have tried a bunch of things on my hair, and have no idea where to go from here...

I have been no poo for about 7 years.

I think I have hard water, and I swim in a non-chlorine salt water pool a few times a week now it is summer (but this has been this way for a while). I use a wood pin brush, and a boars hair brush on my hair daily. I use ACV and sesame, not together, oil 2 or 3 times a week on the tips of my wet hair about 4 inches up. I wash with honey weekly, with egg white each BS once a month. (So, W1 honey and BS, W2 honey, W3 honey and egg white, W4 honey.) When I use the yoke it makes my hair very stiff and brittle. I tried beer on my hair to set pin curls and it make my hair a tinny bit softer, but mostly just frizzy and stiff. These events leave me worried about protein, therefore I avoid coconut oil and avocado.

I have lightened my hair at a salon some 9+m.s ago (and to tell the truth it is after the tec "forgot" and washed my hair that trouble really started). It was a level 10 in the front and a level 9 in the back which I hennaed and wonderful light red. Recently lightened the over grown roots from a level 2 to an 8 with peroxide, v30, and BS and dyed with Ion Violet, and as it faded redyed Gentian Violet. I also have done a a vit. c treatment on my hair to try and pull the color out, as the purples on the yellow blond made brown. Ick. I am planing on doing another vit. c treatment, possible a vodka treatment (and if needed a prox, v20ish and bs) to see if I can pull the GV out any more before dye it again.

I do not feel that I have ruined my hair, even if these are all drying/damaging events. I have very few split ends, and my hair is strong enough to tie in a knot! However it will tangle like a MoFo unless braid or curl it before bed, and untangle it by hand before I brush it at night. They only times it has really felt soft recently was a few months ago I was at a hotel and showed WO. Each time I change what I do with my hair it feel a little better then goes back to oil covered hay.

I am so lost! I really want to cry!!

P.S. If you have any ideas about getting the brown to a dyeable level let me know that too... lol.

My hair to day seems softer, and ever so slightly less oily - in parts, the thinner parts. My bathroom is being remodeled and the pool had a leak, so it has been a few days nice I got my hair Nice and Wet/Washed. Is this just really build up from hard water? It isn't "waxy". I feel like it aught to be something more.

Send Help!
I don't know where I went wrong, but I really want to go right before my birthday in less than two weeks.

My hair started misbehaving this winter and being unmanageable. I decided to try co-only first. That was in March. I decided the Shea butter brand was right for me and bought the formula for dry hair.

This went well for about a month. I typically shower every other day; I use only water on my hair every other shower, so I wash my hair about every four days.

Well, it was April, and my hair was greasy. I live in the South, so it was already humid. I switched to the volumizing conditioner, and this worked well for another month.

Then, my hair seemed to get used to it. My friend uses baking soda; we don't have the same kind of hair, but I tried it anyway. It went well for a week or so, but then I noticed my hair was staticy as ****. I tried putting my conditioner on the ends, but it didn't help.

She had told me she didn't use acv. She just puts two tbs of baking soda into a mason jar with water. I did the same, but I always eyeball the amount I use. I tried cutting back to one tbs. Then I tried a mason jar of acv and water in conjunction with half a jar of water and bs.

It took the static out, but now my hair is limp and ugly. The roots are greasy. First, they were crunchy from bs, so I poured some acv on them. I saw a recent post about how going back and forth with bs (or something similar) and acv will slowly strip your hair.

I just want to find what's right for me before my birthday. I'm not opposed to buying organic shampoos and conditioners. I never used them before my hair went crazy. I just don't know what happened this winter to make my hair so upset and why it hasn't gone back to normal yet.

The worst part is my birthday is coming up. The last thing I want to worry about is having awful hair! Especially since I'm going to be dyeing it for the first time ever. I've always wanted pink hair. I'm going to have it professionally done. That being said, any recs on what to tell the stylist to shampoo my hair with?

I'm posting pictures of how my hair was in fall 2012, back when I still liked it a lot. I also have a couple of how it was this spring when whatever I was using at the time was working. Basically pictures of how my hair SHOULD look. Then, I'll post ones of how it looks at this very moment. I showered last night. My hair is fine. It gets greasy at the roots and static and limp from my ears down.

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Please, help. ;w; I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know what to try. I just want my hair back the way it was. Also, if anyone can suggest how to tag this, I'll add them.

Dandruff with WO, no-poo for 2 years
Hi everyone, I have been no poo for two years. It is the best thing I have every done for my hair and it has made my life so much easier. I have very short, thick, straight hair that hasn't been dyed in years. Almost a year ago I started travelling and went WO. I rinse my hair in the shower with diluted ACV or WV (1 tablespoon to 1/2 cup of cold water) and then massage my scalp when I'm done the shower with a dry towel. I was only once every week or two when it starts to look greasy.
Ever since I started no poo I seem to have at least a little bit of dandruff. The past few months the dandruff seems to be quite noticeable. I make sure that I never scratch my scalp with my comb to aggravate the dandruff.
Any thoughts on what might be causing dandruff, and/or suggestions on possible solutions? I should note that I am travelling and unfortunately I have limited access to shampoo/ conditioner ingredients, and it is difficult to get a regular schedule in terms of my water supply and my diet.
Thanks so much!

Return to No Poo after about a year lapse
Evil Grin
Hi community. I wanted to report that I have returned to my regimen of shampoo free, and have been no poo once more for about 4 weeks after a year hiatus. I had stopped using ACV/BS because my husband hated the smell of vinegar and for a while I was unable to really experiment much with trying to make the whole process more pleasant for those who didn't like the vinegar. I went back to using shampoo and conditioner, and found that in the extreme dryness my hair got a lot more damaged. Back earlier in May I decided to finally go back to using the no poo system. Its taken a while, and my hair has to rebound from about a year of shampoo build up, but thus far I've started noticing that my natural wave comes out in my hair after the vinegar wash. I have my BS in a canister and do the paste in my hand and thoroughly scrub my scalp. Then I wash with ACV that I've distilled through rosemary and have cut the concentration considerably to about 1/5 parts ACV and water. I find that this helps the ACV a lot less strong and smell a lot better.
Here is my current set up for my ACV and my BS:

I used one of my cat's old litter containers to store the diluted ACV.
My only frustration at this point is that my hair is still really frizzy especially at the top of my head. If I add the least bit of oil (tea tree and coconut) it get's really really oily and gross looking. So I'm wondering if anyone has any tips to help out with this issue.

I am brand new to the no poo method and have tried to research as much as possible before starting it. I am not huge into all organic honestly, but am looking for something to improve my hair health. I have very fine/thin/wavy/curly hair....I have always blow dried and worn it straight. It's not a very flattering curl when I air dry it, bc I have no clue how to manage it.

Ok, my issue....I have only been using no poo for about 2 weeks (I know I probably need to give it a little longer but I feel like I may need some adjustments and don't know what to do.) I also use African Black soap occasionally (as suggested by someone who uses this as shampoo)

--Even while in the shower after using the BS/ACV mix my hair feels SUPER heavy and when I either let it air dry or blow dry it it is super WAXY at the roots. I can barely brush through it.
--I'm noticing the dry itchy scalp starting to dandruff
--Hair loss= major! I have always had issues with this but it's gotten much worse.

Here is the run down of what I have been trying:
Day1: clarifying shampoo with Shear Moisture conditioner (no rinse and only on ends). Air dried. Hair soft, curly and no frizz---although I just look weird with curly hair
Day 2: No Wash. Still curly, no frizz, a little oily, but ok
Day 3: BS & ACV with a little Shear moisture cond on ends. Blow dried. Big mistake with extra cond...super oily..used salt water mix spray to absorb oil. Air dried.....NAPPY looking
Day 4: No wash....used salt water mix again and air dried. Yuck
Day 5: Af. Black soap shampoo and ACV. Heavy hair, blow dried. Super oily and waxy.
Day 6: Water only. Air dried. No frizz...curly....didn't look oily but super waxy feeling and heavy.
Day 7: No wash in the AM. Oily. BS & ACV in evening. Blow dried. Very oily and waxy again.
Day 8: Only water. Air dried. Nasty
Day 9: Only water. Air dried. Nasty
Day 10: BS & ACV. Air dried. Heavy and waxy.
Day 11: af blck soap with Shear moisture on ends. blow dried. Waxy...curled end with flat iron...looks ok, feels gross.
Day 12: Water only. waxy.
Day 13: Af. Blck. soap with Shear moisture. Air dry. Waxy!
Day 14: No wash. Still waxy. PM: BS & ACV, air dried over night. So loss= major!
Day 15: No wash. Waxy...brushed with comb and straighted. Wore in ponytail but feels disgusting and heavy.
Day 16: No wash. Still waxy.
Day 17: No wash. waxy and oily, itchy and seeing lots of dandruff. Still major hair loss.
Day 18: (today) about to give up and use traditional shampoo. =-(

Sorry if that is a lot to read through, but I don't know what to do to remedy this. =-(

Need advice, no poo since five months

I'm in need for some advice! I've been doing no poo for five months but I still feel the need to wash my hair every second day. I started with BS and ACV or conditioner only every other day. But lately I've experimented with egg wash, rhasoul clay, birch leaves and rye flour. I absolutely love clay and rye flour and my hair gets really soft and fluffy the first day. I usually rinse with either ACV or lemon juice and water. But the second day it feels and looks oily and greasy. It doesn't get better and I really thought it would after five months. I'm Swedish and I have typically Scandinavian hair, blond and thin hairs. The colour is nice and shiny the first day, but gets dark and dull the second day already. It will take a lot for me to start using shampoo again but I was looking forward to not feeling the need to wash my hair every day...

Does anyone have some advice??

Coconut oil helped with build-up/residue on the brush
  I've been washing with natural products for ver two years so far -- clay hairwashes most of the time. The promblem I have always had with my no poo was residue on the brush -- dark oily, greyish oily -- even after the wash.
  And now, on 'the water only' route -- I have been washing my hair (big wash) once a week -- it was hard: most of the week the hair was oily. Water only in between the 'big' washes didn't help, neither did fruit juice or vegetable juice masks -- this only helped until the end of the day.
  The results are healthier hair, less hair loss, fewer split ends.
  The longest I could go without touching hair with water was 4 days (it was after 6 weeks, I think) -- hair was volumous, good-looking. Then -- 2 days on the 3d you'd better do sth to look nice.
  Perhaps some things depend on the season. Now summer warmth is coming.
  As for the residue on the brush -- I wanted to share this joy -- maybe someone else needs this. On the 27th of April I put old refined cocnut oil on my slightly wetted hair and kept it on for 1,5 hours -- then washed it with black clay with a bit of tea tre essential oil. And there was no residue/gunk on the brush for 2 days! Hurray!
  My hair is long, thick, and strong, brown.
  Now I've decided to wash my hair on the 4th or 5th day (then, when/if possibly -- I'll add a day longer etc.) -- trying to stick to this, I'll continue with my haircare experiments.

Transition -- tangible results after 6 weeks (for normal hair)
  Hello, no-poers! How after 6 weeks of water-washing and training hair I'm starting to see and feel more noticeable results. I have been giving my hair a 'big' wash once a week? Now is the third day hair: it's quite good, softly oily. Tonoight I'm plannina carrot/carrot juice hair mask as for refreshment. So hurray -- it's getting easier.
  Just curious to ask (was there a topic somewhere?) -- how do you usually wash out the oil masks with ''no poo' in you do them? Do you use soaps, shampoo bars -- if so, how is your hair after them? If you do an oll mask -- do you do it on clean or on greasy hair? Thanks in advance. :)

'No poo', water only, training hair -- questions
  I've been 'no-poo' for over two years: I mostly used clay as a cleanser (the cheapest and most convenient and fastest way), and sometimes wheat-rye bread mixture. This is briefly. Story and questions.
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No poo struggles
Hey everyone! I have been no poo for two weeks. Prior to no poo, I had been in the hospital where I couldn't wash my hair for three weeks, so I felt like that added to the clarifying and regulating of my sebum. I started using a BS wash just once a week. Between washes, I do a water only wash and ACV rinse for shine. My hair feels awful. It feels like straw. The length of my hair feels OK, but the ends are just horrid. I hate the water only washes because my hair just feels like wet straw when it's in the shower: it's heavy, rough, and the ends are horribly dry. I am so bummed because I felt like it was getting to where it's supposed to be. I tried an egg wash to restore the proteins and strengthen my hair, but it seems to make it 10X worse. HELP

Getting frustrated...
jim pam pb&j
Hello all!
Just found this community, and I thought all of you would be able to help with your expertise.  I have been no-poo for 35 days.  Every 2 days I use a baking soda paste on my hair and let it sit (wash my body, shave my legs, etc.) and then rinse with apple cider vinegar.  I have really greasy hair that when I was shampooing I needed to wash everyday or my hair would become a big pile of grease.  My hair is still greasy.  I was hoping by day 35 I would have noticed some results, but I haven't really.  When I wake up my hair is still greasy and I am still doing the pony tail/hat hiding maneuver.  Any pointers that you guys have would be greatly appreciated.  I washed today and while my hair looks okay in the front, it's still feels greasy and the back looks greasy.  Thank you :)

Coconut Milk
So, there's no tag here for "coconut milk" so I found it hard to search. Anyway, wanted to get some opinions/comments on the use of coconut milk. I'm almost 2 years no-poo. Lately, with my BS wash, I've been struggling with dry hair and scalp and oily roots. Weird, I know. Like, the first day or so after washing would be fine, but then the length of my hair would get very dry, the roots would be oily, and my scalp would be flaky. I started reading about some people's experience with the base/acid combo Ph switching being too harsh on the scalp and decided to try a coconut milk wash. I found a few recipes online for coconut milk + Dr. Bronner's + oil (followed by a vinegar rinse) and tried it last night - LOVE IT! Now, it's only the first day, but my roots are clean and the length of my hair is soft and shiny. Can I expect this to last? What other changes to my routine do I need to make? Anyone done this yet?

Think I may have to start over...
Hi! This is my first post and - believe it or not, it's about a problem!
I have been No 'Poo for 11 days now. At the end of this post is a little run-down of my days since I started.
Everything was going as expected - greasy hair, itchy, more dandruff than normal - for my transition period.
Then, Friday, even though my hair had had a wash on Thursday and was fine, I thought "I know, I'll try and do an egg and lemon wash and then condition with tea."
It went ok. I rinsed and rinsed and only used cold water and was so so careful. I used the tea rinse and let the whole lot air dry. It smelt a bit lemony but there were no bits in it or anything. My hair tends to pick up smells easily.
Unfortunately, when I went to see my boyfriend, instead of saying "your hair smells glorious like lemon and tea" he asked me why my hair smelled like fish.
Now, my hair feels lovely. My scalp appears clean and I even think it's helped with my dandruff. It's not a rinsing issue, I'm sure - I rinsed so many times with so many partings and there was nothing left in my hair when I got out. I also washed it again with conditioner last night, after realising how gross it was, and scrubbed the scalp and, while it was still wet, it was fine. Now, this morning, it's dry and has the weird lemon/egg/fish smell again.

HELP! If I can't get rid of the smell No 'Poo, I might just try a no cone shampoo or something. Honestly, it's pretty grim. I don't have any EOs to put in it, or a BBB (I use a plastic bristle brush at the moment, the BBB should arrive soon). I have no plans to ever put an egg in my hair again.

TueD0: Shampooed, blow dried. All the things you're not supposed to. Hair = lovely.
WedD1: No wash. Hair passable.
ThuD2: WO. Hair only hat-worthy upon waking up. Greasy. Looks pretty grim.
CO in evening, no cones. Better.
FriD3: Hair not a happy place to be. Greasy and dandruffy.
SatD4: Greasier. Dandruff less problematic. Itchy.
SunD5: Greasy, itchy, pain in the butt to do anything with. Dandruff. Everything.
MonD6: WO Morning. Looks ok. Bit greasy @ roots & underneath. Bit itchy.
TueD7: Greasy underneath & roots. Very itchy. Wore it down.
WedD8: Wore up. Pretty greasy all over esp under. Dandruff. SO ITCHY.
ThuD9: WO Morning. Down all day. Looks nice. Feels ok not under though. Some itching. Smells sebum-y.
FriD10: Egg and lemon wash. Green tea rinse. SMELLS LIKE FISH - WHAT. Panic - CO wash. Fixes it.
SatD11: Nope. did not fix it. Smells like fish again.

What do you do between washes?
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I've just started to gradually go no-poo. While I'm familiar with the basics, the actual practice is completely new to me.

I used to wash my hair every 2 days. What I'm trying to do is gradually spread out my washes. Has anyone else done this? At the moment, I'm currently on every 3 days, and next month I'll be every 4, etc. My shampoo is currently Nature's Gate brand Tea Tree shampoo (no sulfates listed). I also have some Dove shampoo, which I should use up since I'd feel bad about not using it after spending money on it. I'm thinking I should use up the Dove and move onto the more natural tea tree shampoo (which has cut back on my dandruff itch,btw). Correct me if I'm wrong; I'm completely new here.

Has anyone else here done a gradual step away from shampoo? Did you do any rinses between? A year ago, while I was still on conventional shampoos, I tried a chamomile rinse instead of conditioner and my hair felt fantastic. Since then I've heard good things about green tea on hair.

I'm at a loss because, at the moment, I'm struggling with the oily smell, and I think it's coming from a waxy buildup. I think my fine, wavy hair is getting used to not getting as much shampoo otherwise.

8 days into no poo w/ keratin treatment - so far so good!
Hi again! I posted just 8 days ago about how I wasn't sure if I should try no poo with my keratin treatment, but I thought, f*ck it, it's winter and I don't have anyone to impress at the moment...what do I have to lose?

It's going GREAT so far. However, I am cheating a little bit with the Coppola Keratin Infusion leave in conditioner which is definitely not natural and contains a silicone ingredient, but I might as well use up my last two bottles and it's keeping my keratin treatment mostly in tact. I figure by the time I run out and/or my keratin grows out completely, my hair and scalp will be used to no poo. And if I have to deal with the greasefest then, so be it. I'm committed now!

My recipes (below) are basically a kitchen sink of what I've read works for people like me that I already had in my cabinet. My hair is dark brown, just below my shoulders, fine but dense, wavyish, and I'm prone to dry winter scalp but otherwise it's pretty healthy (ie no dry split ends or breaks or anything)

So far with this regimen, my hair feels a little coarser but my waves are more defined, no more scalp flakes, and it looks great to wear down. I was not expecting this!

I washed my hair 3x in the past week; 1x with both my clarifying shampoo and conditioner recipes and 2x with my conditioner recipe only. Hoping to bring washing down to 2x per week total.

After washing, I comb two pumps of the keratin infusion into my wet hair for 5 minutes. I let it air dry overnight (though I've noticed it dries a LOT faster) and the next morning I spritz a spray I made out of rosewater and a few drops of argan oil and brush that through my dry hair with a boar bristle brush.

If it looks too greasy after a day and a half, I brush through some cornstarch with a couple drops of lavender and clary sage essential oils that I put into a big shaker.

Clarifying Shampoo recipe:
1 tbs Rhassoul clay
1 tsp BS
1 tsp witch hazel
1 tsp colloidal silver
1 tsp rosewater
1 cup water
5 drops clary sage EO

Conditioner recipe:
1 tbs ACV
2 tbs rosewater
1 tsp colloidal silver
3/4 cup water
5 drops argan oil
3 drops each EO: lavender, lemon, lime, basil, rosemary, teatree, thyme

I guess I'll post again in a couple months or so when my keratin is gone to let you know how it's holding up. Crossing my fingers I get to forego the grease party all together :) Any thoughts?

EGG wash questions
I have been no poo for 2 months 1/2

-I have Light brown passed my clavicle length hair
-Fine strands but a lot of it
-Straight with the smallest wave only if I air dry (blow dry without brush yields very straight hair)
-Normal sebum production. (when I shampooed I would only do it every 3 or 4 days)

I have been using a mix of BS 1 tblsp for 2 cups of boiled water to wash and DWV or tea or diluted lemon juice as acid rinses. ACV weighs my hair down.

Yesterday I drenched my length and ends omitting my scalp with coconut oil and let it absorb for a whole day.
Today I did my first egg wash using 3 eggs 1 tbsp of lemon juice and a bit of water. Put it in my scalp and length and rinsed with cold water. Air dried.

Now my hair feels dry and frizzy. (even though I did an oil mask for the whole day before) It had been 6 days since my last wash. My hair is not soft, not silky. People say egg does miracles to their hair. but not me.

I'm curious why it didnt work well.
Has anyone had similar results as me?

Loving no'poo
Been no poo for 11 days now, not that long considering I normally would only wash my hair once a week, but I think I have discovered something that gets rid of grease. My hair started to get greasy two days ago, I tried to ignore it, but with school tomorrow I decided I had to do something!
My hair is short, the water here is hard and last time I tried the baking soda wash my hair went mental. I got into the shower this morning and with just water rubbed my hair, a lot. It was disgusting to feel that grease on my hands. When it was wet it felt so sticky and thick and heavy but to dry it I rubbed it with a towel, a lot. And bam. Grease no more.
I don't think doing this is a good idea with long hair, I have heard a lot about getting split ends if you rub your locks too much. But if you have short hair, you might as well try it, my hair is definitely not damaged.

I'll do progress entries as time goes on. Happy no'pooing!

Considering no poo, but what about my keratin treatment?
Hey guys! I'm new to this community...have been considering no poo for a while but there are only so many mom blogs one can read before desiring more peer-led advice, so here I am!

I'm a 25 year old woman with longish wavyish dark brown hair that is individually fine but very dense. In its natural state, it can be quite poofy. I've been getting the keratin treatment to keep it smooth and straighter three times per year for the past four years or so, and my hair has never been healthier or prettier. I need to wash it 3-4 times per week or it looks greasy. Also because it's winter, I suffer from dry white scalp flakes (yick).

The problem is, besides costing a whopping $250 three times per year, upkeep is also hella expensive, what with the keratin infusion stuff (which there was recently a groupon discount for, thank goodness) and then shampoo and conditioner which costs me $40 every couple months for both. Sooo I'm wondering, if I can somehow make it past the greasy transition stage, maybe my hair would look just as awesome and healthy with no poo! Worth a shot right?

I know all the keratin treatment does is coat your hair to make it would the no poo method completely strip my current treatment (that I received exactly one month ago and would otherwise have a good 2-3 good months left)? Or are there any specific ingredients I should use (or avoid!) to keep the keratin in tact, like clay instead of baking soda for shampoo (just a guess)? Should I continue using the infusion leave-in conditioner after my shower even though it has a silicone ingredient in it or should I stop that because it defeats the purpose and replace it with something like argan oil?

Also worth noting I have a filtered shower head (you guys, you can get one for less than $20 at Lowes!!) so hard water isn't an issue for me.

I'm just so conflicted because my hair looks awesome currently but I would prefer a more natural, less expensive hair care alternative (edited for clarity: eventually using no poo and never getting a keratin treatment again). What do you think? Thanks so much!

(I have no idea which tags to use, sorry! I'm new)

edited to add: I already make a lot of my own skincare products, so I am no stranger to EOs and have an enormous stock of stuff I could try in my shampoo and conditioner. I'm all but ready to take the no poo plunge...

Too much olive oil

I'm in my 3rd week of no poo method now and i'm very happy with the results. I'm using only water. But yesterday i tried an olive oil and egg mask and i rinsed it thoroughly but i still didn't get rid of it. My hair is ectremely greasy, from root to tip, I tried washing it with with mint tea as well since i read that it balances the ph of your scalp but it still looks like it has never been washed in its entire life!


It's been fun, but...
Hi all,
I've been no poo for about a year and 8 months. I've really enjoyed my experience and got some wonderful results, but I seem to have reached a point where I've encountered several issues and don't know what to change in my routine anymore. If I don't do something different quickly, I might have to give it up entirely.
Let me explain myself... First of all, this is my current routine :
I wash twice a week.
Once with 3/4tsp BS dissolved in boiling water followed by a nettle tea rinse, containing about 2 tsp of white vinegar. I also add EO such as Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender and Lemon.
For the other wash, I use 3 egg yolks blended in about a cup of water, followed by the same rinse as before.
My hair is fairly long, thick and very straight.

Now what has been problematic lately, is that my ends are breaking A LOT. I never used to have split ends before I went no poo. They started turning white too, and it's pretty noticeable. So I went ahead and got a haircut about two weeks ago, and they are already starting to turn white again. I'm pretty upset about this, as I want to let my hair grow. I get the feeling that the Baking Soda is causing this, as it seems to be the most "harsh" product I'm using. I also get dandruff every time I use BS, so it seems to be an overall irritating factor.
Also, the length of my hair is very waxy. It wasn't always like that; there were periods where my hair looking really nice allover. But now, after I've washed it, the part close to my roots looks really good but not the rest. It's not to bad because I braid it, but I would still like to have the option of wearing it down when I feel like it! It's also definitely more waxy after the BS wash than the Egg wash.

The thing is, I can't give up BS and use only eggs. That would be too many (6 egg yolks a week?) and too expensive! And I've tried adding more time in between washes but my hair gets the greasy look very quickly. Also, when I have dandruff, I can't stop myself from scratching my scalp and it really needs to get cleaned regularly.

So, what can I do? I tried Water Only, and it looks absolutely terrible. Greasier coming out of the shower than beforehand. Adding more BS will make it more irritating for my scalp and my ends; I would not risk that. I have a Boar Bristle Brush, but as soon as I start using it gets covered in wax. That means I have to wash it every time I use it. So I don't end up using it a lot.

I've been thinking about shampoo bars, maybe? Any other suggestions? Ayurvedic herbs seem a little bit complicated. I don't have that much patience...
I thought I could find the "perfect recipe" for my hair and just keep using that, but it's reacting differently all the time! And lately, I've been very unsatisfied with the results. After almost two years of adapting quantities, testing different methods, I feel like I've run out of ideas.

Water only.
Woman Clothed In The Sun.
OK so I seemed to have transition into water only from BS/ACV over the last couple of months and was looking for some hints and tips on how to really get my hair looking great with water only.

I'm wetting it once to twice a week at the moment, it looks good on the first day, but it seems to lack luster by the next morning and seems a bit limp there after.

What can I do differently?
Hello! I've been no-poo about 5-6 months. The first 1-2 months I used the BS/ACV method (I honestly don't remember what the ratios were). My hair did NOT respond well. I got down to using it every 3 days and was doing WO washes everyday in between because, well, I just like to start my day with a shower and I find it refreshing to at least wet my hair. ANYWAY, It completely dried out my roots/scalp and left a weird residue. My hair felt coarse and brittle, so I stopped, did some research and tried a honey wash. I was still following it with an ACV rinse.

I use roughly 2 tbsp of honey mixed with about 12 oz of warm water (just warm enough to be able to mix in the honey) and the ACV rinse is made exactly the same way, though I tend to go a little heavy handed with the honey and light handed with the ACV. I use both of these 3 days a week (basically every other day M-F and skip weekends as I don't care as much how my hair looks) and am still doing WO everyday, except once in a while on the weekends I won't shower at all.

It's not so much that I am unhappy with what I am doing now, but I'm also not happy I just feel I could be doing something better. My hair doesn't look bad but I'm not seeing the results I want to be seeing. I also want to go longer in between but my hair gets sooooo greasy. I also find when I don't do my WO washes everyday my hair is limp and looks even worse.

I have long, very wavy hair that is what I would call normal thickness. I have browsed these forums a bit looking for tips but it seems that everything I find basically just tells me that everyone's hair is different, which I completely agree with but it is leaving me feeling overwhelmed. I found some great tips that I was thinking about trying, using ACV rinse less often (not every time), should I stop rinsing my hair everyday even if it's WO?, glycerin instead of ACV rinses, maybe doing a BS wash once or twice a month, I'm just not sure where to start... I was also finding a surprising lack of people who use honey washes, is this a no-no? I LOVE my honey washes, I wouldn't mind adding something to them (maybe lemon?) but I can't imagine dropping the honey, I use raw local honey for most of my beauty care routine, raw honey is amazing. but i guess that's a separate topic, haha.

I'm looking for some tips or advice, thanks in advance :)

Just starting no poo
Bill Peace_1

Good afternoon!

I've decided to jump into the no poo method and give it a shot. I've been primarily a once a week washer as it is, so the idea of my hair getting greasy during a transition phase doesn't really bother me at all. I'm a stay at home mom so I don't have to worry too much about my hair looking like crap for a while anyways. My hair is thinning and is perfectly straight and dark. I cut off about a foot of it last week so my ends are good and ready to start new.

I washed two days ago with a clarifying shampoo, and now I have some decent oil build up (as you can see), which is distributing really nicely down to my ends because I've been finger combing a lot. My question is this: when should I begin my first no poo wash? Should I wash tonight since I'm seeing oil? Or should I wait a week? I've read a bunch of methods but haven't seen a lot of info that gives a timeline of when to wash and when to wait it out.

Lemon Juice
I just started doing the no poo a week and a half ago and I have not seen too many things convincing me too stay.

I have tried the BS and ACV, and I am not enjoying it. I know you have to wait a little while but I do not know if I will.

I have noticed that my hair is either darker or greasier, maybe just both, but then I saw it could be because of the ACV. I heard lemon juice can help with that (I have blonde hair, and I like it to be on the lighter side). However, I cannot seem to find what the instructions are on how to make the lemon juice mixture.

How do you make the lemon juice mixture, and does ACV really make peoples' hair darker?
Thank you!

Newbie - 1 week after first month of WO
Hey everyone! So I kind of fell into the No-poo thing out of a few random factors that all seemed to come together at the right moment: running out of shampoo, poor college student, and a penchant for history. So, what I've found is that my hair really seems to be behaving itself now that I am no longer using shampoo and conditioner.

I have stick straight hair that is fine, but with a lot of it, and is cut longer on top and shorter on the sides. I've noticed that I'm getting body and an easier time getting my quiff to stay where its supposed to, I've also used much less of my pomade product and have a shorter time drying my hair. Here is a list of some of the things I have found:

The good!
*My hair is actually lighter in color (the inverse of what i was afraid of)
*I no longer need to use hairspray because my hair behaves much better when i adjust it.
*I found after the 4 day mark my hair lost its greasiness

The bad...
*When washing my hair feels thick and waxy (slightly less so now)
*My scalp is itchy now (no clear signs of dandruff unless i stair at it a few inches from the mirror and see extremely tiny specks of white)

I had washed my hair around the 3 week mark with two whole eggs and about a capful of olive oil, which made my hair super shiny and cut out a lot of the grease, but it actually did what my old shampoo and conditioner would do to my hair; the hair darkened slightly and wanted to lie as straight and flat as possible. I was thinking about trying AC washes, because honestly I've found that other than that waxy feeling in the shower, my hair dries really well and not waxy at all. I'm not sure if That's what will benefit me the most or if i should try tea rinses ? I do have hard water, so I think that is what is making it feel rather waxy, but again I don't know for sure.

I want to get the itching to go away or be less intense, as well as keep the volume and blonde shade my hair has taken on. Any suggestions for a newbie? Thanks!

mixed kids crazy curls
My boys are mixed white and black. One (4 yr) has the classic tight, black, curly hair. The other (2 yr) has a softer curl and blond, but still very curly (I combed him out this morning after a shower and now he has the Richard Simmons fro). I would love for their hair to be long and curly without being fros, like tightly curly does. However, I would rather not use commercial conditioners. I'm assuming I'll have to apply oils and avoid brushing, but I'm not sure how to go about that or what oils to use, in what order to comb (if it's okay) and apply oil, etc etc. I'm assuming they will need different oils since their hair textures are different. I'm so very white and my hair is only wavy. :P Advice is appreciated. My husband can't help. He only knows chemical treatments and now Bics his head all the time.

Oh yeah, currently they only get water on their hair as per how crazy they are in their bath, and Burts bees baby shampoo if something needs to be scrubbed out (only a couple times a month). The only reason for Burts is because it's tear-free, and they ALWAYS get it in their eyes. Ideas for that are welcome as well.

No Poo Seborrheic Dermatitis (SD) Problem - 10months in.
Hi everyone, I need help :) Let me start with the details:

Sex: Male
Hair: thick, brown, not so long (but not short either ;)), bit curly.
Hair products: a bit of Organic gel + Organic hairspray
Water: hard, BUT I have installed a water filter and I always use boiled water to make the recipe
Shampoo method: BS + ACV, sometimes I use a eggyolk with EVOO or bit of honey. I always rinse thoroughly and even rinse with cold water afterwards.
Recipe: BSmix = Half teaspoon of BS + 5 drops op TTO + 250ml (9oz?) boiled water
ACVmix = 1 Tablespoon of ACV + 250ml boiled water. Sometimes I add couple drops of peppermint eo or TTO.
Climate: cold, rainy, not much sun (Netherlands ;))
Diet: Mostly vegetarian (however I do eat fish once in a while). I would say I eat pretty healthy (lots of fruits & veggies). I am trying to cut back on dairy and wheat products as well.

No Poo since: February 2013.

Ok now the problem:
In the beginning I had this transition period. But being a guy using hair products this did not bother me. After the transition period all went well for a good 6-7 months. Then after the summer I noticed problems with the method. I had not changed the recipe nor my diet. The only thing (I think) has changed was the season. I noticed flakes appearing here and there in my (what's it called??) whiskers..? My scalp (especially the back where I have thick hair) was getting more itchy and flaky. And every now and then my shoulders are covered in 'snow', as is my pillow... My hairdresser says she can clearly see the SD (she used the words cradle cap, but I googled it and that's the same as SD right?). She believes this is caused by my 'shampoo' not cleaning properly which leaves build up of the oils on my skin (any ideas on this?) I think this is called seborrheic dermatitis (SD). I have a little in my beard as well which I treat with a EVOO/TTO mixture everyday.

I am hoping any one of you "professional no-poo-ers" might see what I'm doing wrong and how I can solve the SD. I read that sea salt could help?
Would you suggest adding more/less BS? More/less ACV? Could it be a diet thing? Maybe it's just the seasonal change? But even then I need to know how I can change the recipe accordingly.

I have a shampoo at home called Selsun that I used to use once in a while to 'kill' the SD, which worked. But I stopped using this as I went no-poo. Do you think it will be harmful to my no-poo regiment if I would use it once in a while (e.g. 3 or 4 times a year?)

Any other suggestion is highly appreciated. It's very frustrating to see that I'm taking a lot of things into account and still it is not really what I am hoping for.

Please, if you need any more info, let me know :) Thank you for your help!

Persistently itchy and dandruff-y scalp
Hi everyone,

I haven't used ANYTHING in my hair for over a year now. No BS, no ACV, nothing. I've had a dandruff problem my whole life. I thought switching to no poo might solve this problem, but it hasnt. In fact, in the past few months my scalp has gotten itchier and had more dandruff than ever. It always itches (except right after a shower). Any thoughts what I can do? I believe my water is slightly acidic (a pH of a low 6). Should I try and balance that low pH with a base solution (i.e BS)?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. My head itches!

Trying to go no poo
Hi, guys. I'm trying this, but I think I'm doing pretty badly!

When I was a few years younger, I used to wash my hair every other day, but I absolutely hated how it looked the days after I washed it; my hair looked like a horrible, greasy mess. So I started washing it daily. I knew I was only making it worse, but I figured it wouldn't matter if i washed my hair every day (smart!).

So I've been washing my hair every day for two years. Recently I learnt about no poo, and people who had tried it and were so happy with the results. So I wondered if I could get out of my unhealthy shampoo routine.

So I started the baking soda thing almost two weeks ago and I was sort of impressed. My hair didn't quite look or feel like as good as it did when I shampooed it, but it looked good enough, much better than I'd expected. It did get progressively worse with each passing day, but it looked good enough to pass as clean.

But when I was just a week in, I decided to dye my hair (with commercial dye, no less!). I hesitated a bit because I knew it would take me to square one again, but I've always wanted to dye my hair, and it was only a week of no pooing anyway so I went ahead with it.

I did read this community a bit before dyeing my hair, and I saw that baking soda is supposed to strip your hair of color if you've dyed it, so I decided to skip it and wash my hair with just water. Now, my hair looks and feels greasier than ever. It's so bad that today I wore my hair in a ponytail for the first time in two years! So, dyeing my hair while going no poo has probably been a terrible idea, and I don't know what to do. I feel that if I stick with it, the transition period is going to be awful... my hair already looks disgusting, and it's only been 4 days since I dyed it, and I know it's going to get even worse. So what should I do? Should I go back to shampoo and wait till the dye washes out, then try baking soda again? Should I stick with baking soda even if it will make my hair dye disappear? Should I stick with water only and try to figure out creative ways to make my hair not look disgusting for about a month? Any other options?

For reference, my hair is fine and straight, and a bit above shoulder length, and I live in a soft water area.