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Hair brush?
panophobia wrote in no_poo
I was wondering, what are the benefits from using a BBB?  I've been looking at buying a new brush, but can't seem to find any consistent information.  I even found a review saying that they're awful.  What to do?

And what about combs?  I don't want a plastic comb anymore - are wood ones worth it?

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The benefit of using a BBB is that it spreads the oil from the scalp down to the tips of the hair where its needed.

I have a wooden-bristled brush, and it works very well indeed. I'd certainly consider a wooden comb.

boar bristle brush. I for a moment also was all ??? but then the light came on once I read the whole thing.

i also use a wooden brush (the same one that vgnwtch uses. from the body shop. it doesn't pinch the hair like some other wooden bristled brushes do)

wooden bristles are better for those with really thick hair.

I gave up on the BBB. It caused too many tangles and static.

I use a Horn Comb. I buy from this person:

They also sell some very nice wood combs, too, in different wood types. I bought some, but don't use them anymore. They can't beat the Horn Comb.

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Seconded! My comb just came in the mail from the same ebay store and it's fantastic!

Thirded. I bought about a dozen and passed them on to my friends, keeping two for myself.

One thing to remember, boar bristle brushes aren't for detangling, they are just for moving oil down your hair. Use a comb for detangling first, then use the BBB to move oil - you'll generally need to section out your hair to get the brush through it all.

I have a quick question related to horn combs (I am considering buying one from the eBay seller linked above because of how many recommendations I've read). I know that brushing while wet is generally a bad idea due to the wet hair being in its most fragile state (pulling it may cause it to stretch and break). However, if I want to detangle, can I comb my hair after the ACV rinse while in the shower (before I get out and towel dry), or is it best to wait until after it dries? Also, are there any natural detanglers other than the bit of smoothing that the ACV rinse applies? Thank you in advance. =)

I find my hair much easier to detangle when wet, and quite possible if carefully starting near the ends, and moving outwards. Go around doing this. Then start a little further towards the roots of the hair.. you've made a mistake (or have really tangled hair) if you get stuck or pull out many hairs. I always use my trusty cheap plastic comb to detangle, which seems to work fine for me (brushes never work to detangle my hair). What's bad about plastic?

I also have a BBB that I've been trying to use to spread around oils or something, but haven't noticed any effect yet. Maybe because my hair is already oily enough, from having started no-poo recently, and even in the past never using conditioner?

Question: I've been using a BBB on my hair sections as you've said, but I only seem to be able to move the oil onto the first 2 inches away from my scalp, leaving me with 2 inches of oil pit as opposed to an even coating all the way down. Am I not brushing for long enough?

I second this question, as I've had the same problem. Also, what happens when all my hair becomes so fully saturated with oil that there is nowhere left to brush it to? Is it just time for a good wash?

Try brushing longer. Five minutes for long hair or less depending on length. Take your time and enjoy it, hair bushing can be very soothing. BBB's are such an important tool, and keep your BBB clean clean clean:)

I have a "normal" brush (like, plastic with metal bristles with the balls on the end) that I use to get the hair detangled. Then I use a bbb. I think it really helps spread the oil and make my hair look less greasy. To get rid of static I just run my hand over my hair and it goes away instantly.

I've been no poo for a month successfully, and have found a BBB very beneficial. A BBB actually cleans the hair. Brushing the The hair removes dead skin and distributes the hair's natural oils. Hair needs to be brushed thoroughly every morning and night, but most importantly the BBB needs to be washed after every use. To accomplish this all you have use a little shampoo on the bristles and rinse it in cold water being careful not to wet the wooden base and let the brush and air dry. Your BBB should last you years this way. I hope you find this helpful:)

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