UnsuccessfulPoet (thesorrowful) wrote in no_poo,

Lemon Juice

I've decided to try lemon juice instead of ACV this week because my hair has definitely gotten darker and I'd like to do some experimenting on lightening it up just a bit.  Also, I read someone post that it weighed their hair down less than ACV which I am definitely interested it, because ACV makes my hair heavy and oily.

So, here are my questions: 1. I know people say lemon juice is harsh and damaging, but how damaging are we talking?  If I use it once a week in dilute amounts will there be noticeable damage?  2.  If I wanted to lighten it would I have to blow dry for heat?  3. How light does it get?  I read somewhere that its very subtle and somewhere else that it turned someone's light brown hair orange.  Before no poo my hair was dark blonde with natural highlights, but now its that dishwater color with no highlights. 
Tags: ~thesorrowful
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