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Lemon Juice
thesorrowful wrote in no_poo
I've decided to try lemon juice instead of ACV this week because my hair has definitely gotten darker and I'd like to do some experimenting on lightening it up just a bit.  Also, I read someone post that it weighed their hair down less than ACV which I am definitely interested it, because ACV makes my hair heavy and oily.

So, here are my questions: 1. I know people say lemon juice is harsh and damaging, but how damaging are we talking?  If I use it once a week in dilute amounts will there be noticeable damage?  2.  If I wanted to lighten it would I have to blow dry for heat?  3. How light does it get?  I read somewhere that its very subtle and somewhere else that it turned someone's light brown hair orange.  Before no poo my hair was dark blonde with natural highlights, but now its that dishwater color with no highlights. 

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1. To me lemon juice is just sticky as a rinse.

2. I don't know how blowdrying helps, but the sun sure does.

3.I lightened bits of my dark brown hair to a honey color with lemon. Lemon bleaches, and usually red tones are left over - it can make hair look brassy. If you're a natural blonde you should be OK

I tried it, and no reddish tones. Its a bit lighter. I'll do it again to get it a little lighter I think.

someone mentioned using tea with some WV and honey the other day and i tried that and it left my hair the softest it has been since i started no_poo

i used an herbal (chamomile, lemon grass, rosehips, etc) sleepytime tea with about 1Tbs WV, about 2Tbs honey some EO (tea tree and rosemary)

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I just tried lemon juice, and I must say I agree on it being less greasy than ACV. It feels lighter and fluffier.

I don't think it should damage your hair. You might also try various herbal tea rinses, I know a parsley tea is supposed to enhance the color of whatever hair you have and give shine. Marigold is also able to lighten hair. This has a really useful recipe that worked for me :) You just brew the tea with the herbs and then add the cider vinegar, but I'm sure you could add lemon juice instead.

Just remember, nothing natural will damage your hair as much as a peroxide dye. If you don't overuse it, it should be fine, and when I was younger I used to try to lighten my hair by washing my hair every day with a lemon rinse and sitting in the sun. My hair's still fine.

I'm not even considering using actual hair dye. I'm pretty lazy and that seems like way too much effort, plus its bad for the hair. I just thought lemon would be nice if I could use it as my acidic rinse and it would gradually lighten my hair a bit. Thanks for the tea tips. Maybe I'll try one if this doesn't work out.

I'd love to lighten my hair too, as it's really dishwater blonde heading into murky brown territory! But I'm finding that anything like lemon juice, honey and even chamomile, dry out the ends. Any lightening causes some degree of damage to the hair, so go easy.

The nicest effects I've had so far were from chamomile - I just made a strong tea, and soaked my hair in it for about an hour. I got lovely golden highlights, but it did dry my hair a bit. I'll definitely try that one again though.

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