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Natural shampoo vs no 'poo?
skincare_expert wrote in no_poo

So I don't know if this is an obvious question, but something I'm still confused about. I totally agree about cutting out things like parabens and SLS. I just purchased Burt's Bees shampoo and conditioner, and my hair honestly looks great. If I were to switch to no 'poo, would I see a huge difference in my hair? Is even natural shampoo like Burt's bees going to be putting harmful ingredients into my hair?

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I went from using Abrey's Organics to no 'poo and I can tell that my hair is better.

It used to be wash day hair was good, day after hair had to be up.

Now my hair has more body and I can go four days after a wash before I need to put my hair up.

Would it make sense to go from using the organic shampoo and then gradually switching over to the no 'poo? I've been putting so much stuff in my hair (serums and mousse and hairspray) for so long that I'm afraid it will totally freak if I go right to the no 'poo. Or could you alternate-no 'poo then shampoo after a couple days?

Um, I don't know.

I had been reading about no 'poo, then in Jan I was sick in bed for almost three weeks. Hair washing wasn't big on things to do. When I finally did start moving again I just started doing WO.

If I hadn't been so impatient I would've gradually switched, but I just wanted to do it. No more poo!

Some people slowly cut down on shampoo and dilute it with water slowly making the concentration of shampoo less and less. Some still use natural 'hair soap' or shampoo bars, which is basically the same thing as soap but with extra stuff in for hair (shea butter etc.) And, like you;ve mentioned, some will just stop washing their hair with shampoo as often until they feel they can just stop altogether and try rinses. However, if you do this, you have to stop shampoo and conditioner at the same time so it is like a double 'detox period'

Another one is to use conditioner only (CO) for a while which is what I did. Some people use it constantly so effectively they are no 'poo but still Conditioner (it seems to be good for girls with curls. However, I decided when I tried this it didn't really do much for me and made my hairbrush residue worse, so I switched to the usual no 'poo of using various rinses.

Phew sorry it was so long!

Re: Decisions, decisions

But is there anything wrong with using the shampoo, as long as there isn't anything bad in it? What is the difference between using these things and rinses or washes you create yourself?

Re: Decisions, decisions

The thing with organic shampoo or whatever is it usually contains a foaming agent that strips more oil off your hair than just using bs/vinegar or acid rinses to take off some of that oil. Even if that is derived from coconuts (such as Cocamidopropyl betaine), then it's still taking off way more oil from your hair than you need, so then you need to use conditioner too instead of just letting your natural oils moisturise your hair.

Another thing is if you don't like the idea of preservatives and other chemicals that don't occur naturally in your shampoo/conditioner that extend the shelf life and also have health risks/concerns associated with them, then you can avoid that by making your own. Because you make it yourself and use it instantly you don't need a preservative.

It depends on how strongly opinionated you are on using things on yourself that *may* have health impacts. People say parabens CAUSE cancer, which is not actually proven. The only evidence is that parabens have been found in some breast cancers, and the explanation for this is that the body cannot differentiate between them and <> its estrogen so it absorbs it just the same. This doesn't necessarily mean it is a cause.

There are so many major statements people make about some ingredients of commercial products like 'its cancer-causing', but I just avoid using them altogether as there is neither strong or enough evidence to suggest they are safe or unsafe. There's something that seems good to me about using something I would put IN my body, on my body.

Re: Decisions, decisions

What about shampoo bars...any better?

Re: Decisions, decisions

Never tried them personally, but I think they work like soap meaning they have more basic ingredients than a liquid shampoo (soaps main ingredient being sodium palmate/cocoate? depending on type of fat/oil used to have a reaction with caustic soda). Sodium palmate is made from reacting palm oil with caustic soda, and sodium cocoate with coconut oil. I think some additional things are added to make the bars more nourishing for hair but not sure exactly what :/ .

You have to watch out for shampoo bars that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or even Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These two will have the same oil stripping effect as bottled shampoo. Also hard water can make the the soap-like shampoo bars leave soapscum residue on the hair, which is why shampoo with SLS was invented to combat this effect. But, if you've got great soft water (unlike me!) then I think they could work well.


Re: Decisions, decisions

No soft water here... maybe I should put a filter on my shower. And yeah, I've only looked into bars without SLS-I've pretty much stopped using everything containing that ingredient! I just ordered some samples from Prairie Land, we'll see how that goes.

Putting soap on your hair still strips oils and such in a harmful way, no matter what other chemicals are no longer present. Doing no poo you can wean yourself off of using things on a regular basis. Some people can get away with only washing once a month or even never.

Ah, thank you, that makes sense and was said very concisely! Exactly what I was looking for. I guess I'll have to slowly get used to it...I'm learning that it might be some kind of emotional addiction we have to this idea of "clean." I know it was weird enough using the stuff without SLS b/c it doesn't foam at all! But my hair feels better already.

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Can you tell me about your method and what kind of hair you have?

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Chamomile for blonde hair, right?

I used Burt's Bees shampoo/conditioner before switching to BS/ACV, and I can definitely tell you I see a BIG difference in my hair. It's brighter, shinier, more colorful, and has more body.

Thanks, that is really helpful. Do you find that baking soda is really drying, though? I've read mixed things about it. I used an ACV rinse once and I liked it, but have been too scared to try the BS so far. I've also gotten good results so far by just using a lot less shampoo when I do use it.

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