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hood_up wrote in no_poo
Any no poo people in this community with dreadlocks? If so, what have your experiences been like? I am considering the possibility of dreads... but cannot find much info on the compatibility of dreads and no poo (actually- nearly every resource I find stresses the importance of shampoo). I would think that no poo would be totally compatible with dreads, but I may be way off on that assumption. I don't want to do dreads if they require weird products, but I am feeling like they would be nicer to look at than the hair I have right now. 

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I have dreadlocks and have had them for almost two years, having been on no poo for almost a year before deciding to dread my hair. Occasionally, I use some mild plant-based soap to wash my dreads, since they get a bit oily and it becomes hard to work any loose hair into them as a result. I try not to do this too much, since the water here is very hard, and I'd rather not have too much of a film develop on my hair. Other than that, I just wash them with hot water, and a fairly strong solution of salt water from time to time to kill germs, although I'm not sure everbody's scalp would be able to handle that much salt. I don't wash them every single day, though, because if they stay moist for too long, they get a smell that can be unpleasant. They always do smell a little off, though, but it doesn't really bother me. I'm sure some people would beg to differ.

I don't think shampoo is at all necesarry, but if your hair gets too oily, then you may have to use something to deal with the oil. Beware of commercial dread waxes. They may help your dreads keep together at first, but they have a lot of oil in them which does just the opposite in the long run.

And the best dreads I've seen with straight hair were the ones done by allowing the hair to mat naturally, and then seperating it into sections and working it into dreadlocks. The drawback with this is that your hair is a terrible matted mess for a long, long time before it starts looking good. People with curly hair are lucky, all they have to do is twist their locks of hair around their finger compulsively and they'll form into dreads quite easily that way.

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Thanks for the tip on the community... I found it just after I made this post :)

I have dreads and I am sort of..... half no poo I guess. I still use my tea tree shampoo. But I am totally for no poo and dreads. No residue. residue + dreads = no no.

But I say totally get some dreads! yea! I have strait fine hair, I locked about 6 months ago and there coming along great

Yeah, I am hoping to do water only with dreads if I do decide to do them. I am moving to China in August to teach and am kind of uncertain about what my employers would think of dreads so I might have to wait til I come back to the states.

I have dreads and I started doing no poo a few months before I put them in. I just wash my hair with Dr. Bronner's like I used to--I haven't tried BS and ACV on them because I don't know how easily the BS would rinse out. I second the recommendation for get_up_dread_up, they know everything.

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I have totally turned away from BS so I should not have an issue with that. I always have Bronner's lying around so I will keep that in mind.

No 'poo is the only way to go if you have dreads, in my opinion! I had dreads for many years, and I scrubbed my scalp maybe once ever couple weeks with just water and my fingertips. My scalp was oily at first, but you have to just train your scalp to stop making so much oil. It will. Mostly I skimped on washing because the drying process took forever and a day, and wet dreads are sooooooo heavy! About the dreads in China, check with your recruiter/employer. I had mine when I went to teach in Korea, and they were very accepting of them, as long as they looked neat and tidy when I showed up for class.

My friend had to stop using shampoo because he got dreadlocks as the chemicals in it would otherwise get stuck inside the dreads as you can't thouroughly rinse them out.

My friend stopped washing her hair altogether when she got dreads.... she tried washing it a few times, but it was so hard to dry (she has a LOT of hair). So she stopped washing it, and it didn't get gross or smelly. I think she may have used dry shampoos a couple of times in the beginning, but then her hair just stopped producing oils, and she was fine.

I heads that dreads can actually get pretty gross when you wash them and don't dry them properly, cause they can strat molding on the inside, especially if you have really thick dreads.

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