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Aloe Vera Juice For Dry, Rough Hair

 I've read through a lot of the threads, and saw many complaints about dry ends that don't look so hot with oil on them. I was suprised that nobody has mentioned aloe vera (juice, not the sticky gel). My ex-roommate swore by the stuff for her dandruff, so I thought I'd give it a try and report the results.

I have dry, thin hair that does not absorb oil, and after a round of drying henna, followed by 40V developing cream to lighten the results of  the henna, my ends were feelin' a bit rough. I had some old aloe juice in the fridge, and put it on my hair for a few minutes. After I rinsed it out, I could barely tell where my virgin roots ended and my dyed length began- soft, moist hair was mine again ! I noticed that it also helped my itching as well, although not permanently (I'm not responsive to salicylic acid, which aloe and aspirin both contain). 

Because the aloe left my hair with that plasticy-stringy feel that I get when my hair is too squeaky clean, I decided a few days later to dilute it by a third with oil and honey, some distilled water so there'd be some moisture to transport into my hair shaft, and a squirt of my Aubrey conditioner. Hurray ! This combo works better than any conditioner I've ever used, doesn't have any cloying fragrance, and I can also use it to shave my legs. My ends feel like virgin hair, and the effect lasts. The only downside is that I can see a hint of my hendigo color in the rinse water, but since it's too dark anyway, I don't mind.

Hope this will be of benefit to someone, and if you've had experience with aloe on your hair I'd love to hear about it !
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