the no 'poo method

no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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Oh okay, makes sense, thanks.

I have never had dandruff, but I have always, I mean all my life, had foliculitis, which is pimples on the head. I can tell you that since going no-poo it has cleared up TREMENDOUSLY! I still get an occasional pimple on my scalp but nowhere near as bad as they used to be. I use BS and ACV but if the ACV is hard to come by for you probably any acid rinse will do.

That's encouraging to know, thanks!

This isn't no-poo, but I recently started using Head and Shoulders and I am pretty amazed with the results (for a long time I used only ntural/organic stuff and it kind of helped but my hair felt unhealthy.)

so if no-pooing doesn't work give h&s a try? :)

Ah no I don't think so. Head & Shoulders I've heard a lot of crap about. Even my sister used to use it some years back and she said it really worsened her dandruff. So thanks anyway. And lol @ your av :P

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