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no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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I think you only really need to worry about hair loss if you are seeing thin spots. I lose a lot of hair everyday (probably more than that), but I think it's so noticeable because I keep it up all the time, so it doesn't come out until I shower. I know hair loss is more noticeable if you keep it up or if you have curly hair because it can't just fall out throughout the day like straight hair.

100 strands a day is considered normal, so I think you should be ok.

I have a decent amount of daily shedding which only increases when I'm stressed but the woman who cut my hair for like 10 years was always joking how lucky I was I had so much hair on my head because with the way mine falls if I didn't I'd be bald.

So as long as it keeps growing back in it's probably nothing at all to worry over. It's when you start seeing a difference on your head (like someone mentioned thinning) that it should cross your mind.

I lose just about the same amount of hair! It also looks like SO much because it's curly - if that was thin and straight, it might not seem as big. I agree - if you have actual thinning spots on your head, you may have an issue (hormonal, alopecia, who knows).

As a trained cosmetologist I can tell you that people can loose up to 100 hairs a day. They are replaced with constant regrowth. If you are not seeing a thinning to the amount of hair on your hair then don't worry! It's just the natural process.

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I lose the same amount. I find if I WO or don't wash for a few days, I lose less those days but more when I actually wash later on. As long as you don't have balding spots you should be fine.

Thanks everyone :) I was just getting paranoid when I saw the "hair loss" tag. Good to know I'm not alone and don't have problems!

That... Is not extreme hair loss. Or extreme hairfall. I've experienced significantly more hairfall than you seem to, on a daily basis, for most of my life, and am nowhere close to having thinning hair (I get a good... I wanna say at least 3 times that amount on the floor of the bathtub, when I do my pre-shower brushing. And the floor of my house is still covered in my hair by the time vacuuming day comes around each week). Each hair strand has a predetermined shelf-life, and that shelf-life is staggered from hair to hair to ensure that, when healthy and young, we don't all go bald all at once. A certain (consistent) amount of hairfall is actually a sign your body is working right. The numbers that get thrown around most seem to be that on average a person loses between 100-300 hairs per day, but that is an average, and some people naturally have more hairs on their head to lose than others, and therefore will lose more each day. And some people who wear their hair down constantly don't necessarily notice that a lot of their hairfall happens throughout the day, as opposed to just in their brush/shower drain, so they think X amount of hairs in their brush is a bigger deal than it actually is.

Also, take a look at the hair that comes out in your brush or comb. Are they full strands (natural hairfall plus any that comes out when you pull too hard when you hit a snarl), or is your hair actually breaking off (damage)?

If I were you, I'd worry if 1) the amount of hairfall radically changed in a short period of time, 2) I started experiencing drastic hairfall in only specific spots, 3) the texture of my hair began to dramatically change over a short period of time. Stuff like that could signal a need for a change in diet, an allergy, an illness, an eating disorder, alopecia, etc.

Thank you :)
I do keep my hair braided all the time and only take it out of its braid to plait another one, so yes all my hair fall occurs in the shower! It's just really good to hear that I'm normal :P

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