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Dr. Bronner's vs. Baking Soda
reburkel wrote in no_poo

Hello Everyone!

What are the differences between using Dr. Bronner's and Baking Soda (with ACV)? Specifically, is one more likely to dry out hair than the other? And does Dr. Bronner's still help with dandruff?

I started using the BS/ACV routine six weeks ago. I wash my hair once a week with a solution of 1tsp. BS in 8oz. of water, squirting it just at the roots, and then I use a spray bottle all over (roots and length) of 2tbsp. ACV and 1tsp. honey in 8oz. of water and I've found my hair is much nicer in general but the length/ends are quite static-y and dry still. And I'm worried if I use less BS my hair won't be properly cleaned.

So I was thinking of switching to Dr. Bronner's and trying a very small mixture of Dr. Bronner's and coconut oil at my roots followed by my usual 2tbsp. ACV and 1tsp. honey in 8oz. of water solution (inspired by a post on Crunchy Betty
). Or I was thinking of using a baking soda paste so that it is just concentrated on the roots and not getting on the length so much as with the squirt-bottle, if that makes sense.

So I was just wondering of other people's experiences with Dr. Bronner’s v. Baking Soda, and dry hair.

Thanks in advance for the help!


I have a lot of long wavy, fine brunette hair. And I've tried coconut oil before and after, which helps a lot, but not enough

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