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Very stubborn waxy buildup
plentyotea wrote in no_poo
Hi everyone! I'm new to no-'poo and I've been shampoo-free for about a week and a half.

My hair is shoulder-length, wavy, fine but thick, and really, really dry. My scalp is dry too. In my shampoo days, I had to use a shampoo+conditioner, conditioner, then a leave-in conditioner just to make it manageable. Even then it was still frizzy.

Maybe because of this dryness I only had a 3-4 day transition period. My hair is not really greasy at all. I was loving no-'poo (and my husband even loved the look and smell of my hair) until a couple of days ago when I got that great waxy build-up on my hair and brush.

This is really stubborn waxy stuff. I had already tried the BS wash (plus a couple drops of tea tree oil for my dry itchy scalp) followed by ACV rinse, to no avail. Then I read a method on here that seemed to work for everyone: BS, scrub the heck out of your hair, then rinse with green tea. Still I have the build-up; actually it is getting worse and my hair is becoming very dry and coarse on top of it. This stuff seems to ignore all the ways I'm trying to wash it!

Has anyone else had a chronic waxy build-up problem? Am I missing something? We have soft water here so that is not a problem.

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I have, and it seems like the only way for me to overcome it is an occasional scrub with Dr. Bronners.

When I first started no-pooing the only thing that cut my waxy buildup was a SUPER strong bs mixture sprayed directly on the waxy bits of my dry hair until it all went super slippery and lathered, and then working it through my length with a comb. I wouldn't do this often, people say that too much bs can wreck your hair, but I found that once I cleared up the major wax, it took quite a while to build back up again. And after about two months, it stopped happening at all, so hang in there!

Also, ACV might not agree with you, have you tried a citrus rinse instead, or white vinegar?

I haven't tried white vinegar or citrus. Thanks for the advice! I'll wait a few days and try that again with the BS so I don't mess up my hair. I'm really determined to make this no-'poo work. At least it doesn't look bad. So long as no one touches my hair or looks at my brush I'll be fine.

If I may ask, how strong did you make the BS mixture? And did you comb through it while it was still in there or did you rinse first?

It was probably about a 1/4 cup bs and a cup or two of water. I didn't use all of the mixture, just sprayed and scrubbed until it started lathering up all the nasty. I combed the mix through a bit, then brought the comb with me into the shower to continue working it through while I rinsed with warm/hot water. Then acid rinsed as usual.

I'm not feeling great today, so I hope this makes sense. :p

It makes tons of sense, thank you! I can't wait to try this out. Feel better!

The bs might be stripping too much from your hair. I find a good citrus rinse clears up the waxiness without adding greasyness like the acv.

While I was going through my transition phase I had wax problems too, you've already received a lot of good suggestions, but for me I used an applesauce wash probably a total of 3 times throughout my transition total (my transition was LOOONG, I'm so glad the only problem for you is a waxy buildup). Since I'm water only, I did not use BS before I put the applesauce in my hair and my hair turned out fantastic! I'm assuming since it IS made from apples it works very similarly to a citrus rinse however I have never used it so I can't compare from experience!

I had the same problem, it was from my hard water. Best solution I found was washing with an egg, or using distilled or boiled water in my BS & ACV mix. The advice from this lady was a lot of help Egg was best for me though, I had gone two months with the wax and gunk of my brush and was about to give up, when I saw her post. And yes the egg feels weird, but it works!

That was an exciting story! I think I might try an egg the next time I wash my hair. It's really dry and unhealthy right now (although better since I've started no poo).

this is probably the stupidest question....but is the egg raw? like, just crack it and massage it into my hair?

Thanks for your post & this thread.

Here's my problem: I have waxy build up by my roots for 5 ish weeks of "no poo" . It is gross, and smelly, and since it is oily/waxy, my hair is literally so much darker, people think I am dying it!

I had had enough!

So I just tried the egg wash.

The result? Much Better, but still a little waxy. I recommend it. But it is a lot of work.

Here is my full story, if you care to read on.....

About my hair:
My hair is brown, mid back length, my hair is thick, but fine....if that makes any sense...there is just a *lot* of it! And I did the hair test...(it is not very porous-- floats on room temp H20). My hair has not had any treatment or dyes/highlights for over 8 years.

About me:
I am 37 years old. I choose to eat more natural stuff (ie stay away from preservatives, and weird chemicals) , so I was attracted to "no-poo" for cost as well as getting away from chemical. I do it for everything else for my body, so the hair was the last to make the change.

My water:
I have very hard water (we're in Southern California)

What happened:
Last night I gave myself the "royal treatment", thinking that my hair was like this because i had the BS/ACV portions wrong, or wasn't leaving it in long enough. So I made myself a hair bath of BS + H2O, and literally dipped my hair and scalp in it (upside down) and massaged it into my scalp. Then I Rinsed it with H20 (same way) and then I did the same with ACV bath. I let it air dry, went to sleep, and woke up this morning, and still..... running my hands through my hair was like I had been messing with candle wax all morning. I put it into a side braid, and was determined to either find a natural solution, or go back to Shampoo. I knew that I had "invested" 5 weeks to let my natural oils to come back, but I knew that I had some big events coming up, and my hair as it as not okay.

What I did:
I boiled hot water, let it cool as to not scald my scalp, and poured it all over my hair (got it all wet). Then, I took two eggs (yolks + whites) and scrambled them in a bowl, and little by little portioned off the hair on my head to rub the raw egg onto the roots ond length of the hair. I sat in a chair outside (with bathingsuit on -- wow did I smell and look terrific). Then, I went into the shower and rinsed with room temp water, brushed my hair out under the water (in hopes to get all of the egg out). My hair felt really tacky, so I did a quick lemon+ H20 rinse (I have in a squirt bottle). Brushed it through, and then rinsed it all out in the shower.

The Outcome:
I blew dry my hair, because I couldn't wait to see if it worked. As soon as I started to dry it, I instantly saw that my more light brown color started to come back! In fact, people have been commenting how dark my hair is. I thought that it was just because my hair was changing since going no-poo. Turns out, it is the wax/oil build up. I noticed the wacxy feel still existed on my hands as I rubbed my hands through my hair while drying it, and it sort of still was "clumpy" in certain areas (like a few hairs stuck together), but it was way better. I took a teency bit of coconut oil from my hands that I used to moisturize my face with after the shower, and rubbed it onto the ends of my hair. I was instantly feeling much more pretty and it heightened my self esteem from where I was earlier this morning.

-I actually can wear my hair down today -- this is a wholesale miracle!!
-my hair is back to its normal color

-I smell a bit egg-y
-It is a whole procedure that takes like 30-40 mins
-I still have some waxy build up.

(I am so grateful to all those who post about this stuff online, and I have always been a "taker" so I wanted to give back my experience in this forum -- thanks for all who have come before me!)

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