Kristin Tara Horowitz (Kristin Tara Horowitz) wrote in no_poo,

Stiff hair?

Hi guys,

I have been successfully "no poo" for about six months now, but I am having trouble striking a balance. My hair LOOKS fine, but it feels stiff and simply less soft than I like/am used to. I keep trying to say, "Well, that's how it is with this, it's natural" but I got my hair cut today and the stylist asked what product I had in, and I was finally able to put a term to how it feels: dried gel that's been brushed out after. I don't love the feeling.

My hair is shoulder length and normally soft, shiny, pretty much the kind of "perfect" hair type and thickness so I have no special needs. I was baking soda-washing it but it got a lot of build up so I have switched to just using Dr. Bronner's shampoo and rinsing with diluted ACV (1 TB per cup). I tried black tea but it made it more stiff. 

I think it's the rinse, honestly. If I use ACV too much, it will get greasy on the ends, so I try to go a few rinsings with either shampoo or nothing, but I'm sort of getting tired of the high maintenance of keeping my hair looking good. Help me stay on the wagon, please!

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