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newbie alert!
loveconquers6 wrote in no_poo
i'm really only in day 5... but looking for clarification so i can start down the right track and save myself some aggravation. ("if i had only know "that" i could have saved myself a week..." sort of thing.)

background:  i tried this once before in college (i'm 25 now,) but only stuck with it about two weeks.  my hair was definitely still in the transition period and i was very concerned as i was going to class every day and also wanted to impress my boyfriend of the time.  no one wants their significant other to look like a greaseball...  so, i quit.

the thing keeping me from trying it again long ago is the transition period, which is different for every person and can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks... i have a job that i go to every day.  i need to look presentable and clean and i don't want the people that i work with to think i'm gross.  part of the reason why i'm starting it now is that i have a week of time off planned at work for recovery from surgery.  at least i can struggle through one week of this without having to worry about looking presentable to my co-workers.  (though, now that i think about it...only my boss is female.  and i doubt the guys even notice.)  either way, it's a confidence thing.  isn't that funny?  i feel like i can accomplish anything on good hair days...  here it goes!!!

i'm basically fed up with my hair and desperate to try anything.  it's naturally wavy/curly but the massive amounts of frizz i encounter deters me from wearing it that way often.... but it's in a rut.  it doesn't seem to grow, it's VERY dry, with lots of split ends, and it breaks easily.  i flat iron my hair nearly every day, after blow drying it.  it's heat damaged - i know that, and i'm trying to give it a chance to go all natural and repair itself.  i'm going to try to let it air dry as much as possible and avoid using product if i can.  hopefully there will be a lot of wavy/curly days in the future so i can give my flat iron a bit of a rest.  we shall see!
  • i work out all the time, so i will be in the shower each day.  so far i have done 2 BS/ACV rinses, and water only all of the other days.  i know the baking soda mix shouldn't be used so often but i'm still getting used to the idea that water only (especially after a sweaty gross work out) will be enough...  is it really enough?  do you have any suggestions for me?
  • are there any remedies for split ends?  does no poo work with them? (i imagine it takes a while...)
  • how about the dry hair?  will that come in time too or is there anything special i can do for that?
  • i have discovered based on my research that i DEFINITELY have hard water.  i haven't tried boiling it and letting it cool, but that's my plan going forward.  should i do this only on days when i use my BS and ACV rinse, or should i incorporate it into my every day "water only" rinse too?
  • also... does it make sense that even though i can feel the oil in my hair (more towards the scalp, not the roots,) the rest of my hair feels dry? 
i understand that all of this might be normal as i'm just starting out, but the more encouragement or reassurances i can get, the better!



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