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no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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veggie_one wrote in no_poo
I've been no poo for three months now and have gotten to if not amazing hair at least consistently decent hair. But walking to my car today I wished I was further north. Its 90 degrees and humid. So with summer arriving I was wondering how sweat effects no poo, I didn't find much info on the site. Is sweat good or bad for hair? Any ways to help keep hair from getting gross? Or any advice from veterans of no poo on summer hair and all the heat? Thanks in advance :)

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You can wash out sweat by just rinsing your hair out with water and massaging your scalp. Sweat isn't bad, it just makes your scalp stinky.

I have no idea if sweat is good/bad for your hair. All I know is that most people don't want it in their hair because your hair can get smelly. This depends on how much you're sweating though. Anyways, sweat is water soluble meaning if you only have sweat in your hair (no oil or wax) you can get away with a WO wash. Just be sure if you have hard water you're using distilled water, otherwise your hair might end up dirtier than it was to begin with!

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