the no 'poo method

no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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BS/ACV also didn't work for me that well either and I also switched to egg washes :) Which also solved my dandruff problem!
I use 1 egg yolk (which is enough for my tailbone-length hair...) + a teaspoon of ACV + a teaspoon of sunflower oil + a teaspoon of water. As a rinse I use a cold tea rinse, or (if I don't have tea) some drops of ACV in a liter of cold tea. Mostly green tea. I once tried rooibos tea as well, which gave my hair a reddish hue.
My hair doesn't smell of egg that much, but I am probably getting some lemon juice :)

Awesome!! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one pouring beaten eggs over my head :) How often do you wash your hair? and how long have you been doing this No poo method for?

I started no-poo BS/ACV in January (halfway through January). I also tried water-only and tea-rinse-only, and then twice shampoo (but that didn't have an effect at all) and I started the egg washes immediately the next wash after that, which was exactly one month ago now. I wash my hair every 4-7 days (depending on how active I've been or whether or not I'm going somewhere where I can't prepare an egg-wash).

I've done egg yolks twice. The first time I really liked it--I rinsed afterwards with ACV. The second time I was in a rush (getting ready for work at 2:30, sometimes not so much with the braining) and didn't rinse with anything, and my hair felt dried out. Both times I tried to make sure I rinsed with nice cold water, but both times I had a few strings of egg in my comb. lol, no big deal though.

I would like to try the tea rinses. It just sounds like a lot of work and I'm not a tea drinker anyhow. But maybe I'm just tired and lazy at the moment. I do want something to provide some moisture back into my hair after the egg wash.

I will say, both times I did the egg yolk, I was afraid of smelling like an egg head, so I put a few drops of lemon extract in the egg yolk. Which smelled awesome. But when I looked at what lemon extract actually is, it's mostly alcohol. So, not great. Won't do that again.

Does anyone use the egg whites in any way on their hair? Sometimes I'll put the whites on my face to tighten, which is fun. Never used them in any way on my hair.

I also heard that doing the egg method too often can cause too much protein and could have adverse affects on your hair over time. How often is too often, I wonder.

I never use the egg whites, because what I understand is that all the protein is in the yolks and that's what cleans and nourishes the hair. But I guess you can also use the egg whites, I'm sure they are good for something :)

I've never heard about having too much protein in your hair before! Can you give more info about it? Where did you get this info from?

I don't remember where I first saw it, but a google search pulled up some different things. For example:

I LOVE the egg washes to!! They are the only thing i have found that works with my terribly hard water!! I use two egg yolks an then follow with an ACV rinse. :) Works wonders!! always gets my hair so soft, shiny and smooth!!

Only prob Ive had is after a couple weeks of doing the egg wash twice a week I find my hair getting to greasy sooner than I would like. (like by the next day or sometimes sooner) And I will have to switch back to BS. Which Is fine with my scalp and all but is annoying because of my hard water, which means I have to get a pitcher of filtered water from my fridge to use instead of the shower water, or my hair will get waxy and gross.

I also have hard water here, but I fixed it with a $20 water filter from Lowes and it worked perfectly. Now I can take showers and wash my hair without worrying about the crazy load of chemicals in the water.

Have you tried increasing the days between hair washes? I washed my hair every 4 to 5 days during the first two weeks. And now I wash it once a week. My hair starts getting greasy by the third day after the egg wash, but as I said before I'm only on week 3 and still going through the detox period.

I had previously tried egg shampoo recipes, but they did not work for me because the recipes I found used olive oil. Well, now I know that olive oil needs to be removed with strong shampoo, so that's why it didn't work! After reading this post, I tried washing my head with just egg yolk and a dash of lemon juice. It seems to work pretty well. I've done it twice, and each time I'm able to go 2-3 days before I need to wash my hair again. (I keep it dry in shower caps in between.) I know 2-3 days is no big deal for most people here, but I've been at 1-2 days since I started going no-poo a year ago. The second time I tried eggs, I put in some coconut milk to condition. The coconut seems to leave my hair feeling softer afterwards, but it isn't cheap. I'll keep looking for another conditioner. Eggs aren't cheap either, but I'm hoping to learn to stretch my washes more.

Is there an alternative to the chamomile wash? Anyone with a ragweed allergy can have a reaction to chamomile.

Hi just wondering if the egg wash method helps with dry hair? I've been water only for the past 3 weeks but my hair feel very dry and tangy and sorta waxy near the roots not sure why is this so.

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