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Dry shampoo
longhairjourney wrote in no_poo
Is it good to use dry shampoo during the transition period to avoid looking dirty or would it extend the transition period because it also takes the grease away not letting the hair find it's natural balance?

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Go for it! Dry shampoo saved me during my transition period. Just make sure it's something natural. Corn Starch works great for this.

I think you've already gotten a suitable answer, but I want to share some information. :3 There are some awesome dry shampoos on Etsy that I intend to try. For now, I've simply been using baking soda with a couple drops of whatever beneficial or nice-smelling essential oil I have on hand--not TOO MUCH oil, obviously, lest you grease up your hair instead of diminish the greasy look!

Also, a little bit of your powder of choice (baking soda, corn starch, or cocoa powder) goes a long way. What I do is pinch a bit between my fingers and rub it into the oily spots on my head, then brush it out. I keep at it til I am satisfied. It has definitely helped on my off days when my hair's a bit flat and has patches of grease, but I'm not ready to wash yet. I can show you two photos of my hair after a dry shampoo, if you like.

Thank you. I've always had some dry shampoo in powder, i've been using it when I couldn't wash my hair, i just wanted to know if it was ok to use it when going no poo. Glad to see that yes.
I also like how it gives volume to my hair. But I only intend to use it when really needed anyway.

i'm so sorry--for some reason i assumed you hadn't used the stuff before @_@; but yeah, i don't think it should interfere with a no-shampoo routine at all

You dont need to be sorry for that. ;)
And i didnt say it in my first post.
Thanks dear!

The OP might not have needed that info, but I did! Thanks for posting that.

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