the no 'poo method

no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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Go for it! Dry shampoo saved me during my transition period. Just make sure it's something natural. Corn Starch works great for this.

I think you've already gotten a suitable answer, but I want to share some information. :3 There are some awesome dry shampoos on Etsy that I intend to try. For now, I've simply been using baking soda with a couple drops of whatever beneficial or nice-smelling essential oil I have on hand--not TOO MUCH oil, obviously, lest you grease up your hair instead of diminish the greasy look!

Also, a little bit of your powder of choice (baking soda, corn starch, or cocoa powder) goes a long way. What I do is pinch a bit between my fingers and rub it into the oily spots on my head, then brush it out. I keep at it til I am satisfied. It has definitely helped on my off days when my hair's a bit flat and has patches of grease, but I'm not ready to wash yet. I can show you two photos of my hair after a dry shampoo, if you like.

Thank you. I've always had some dry shampoo in powder, i've been using it when I couldn't wash my hair, i just wanted to know if it was ok to use it when going no poo. Glad to see that yes.
I also like how it gives volume to my hair. But I only intend to use it when really needed anyway.

i'm so sorry--for some reason i assumed you hadn't used the stuff before @_@; but yeah, i don't think it should interfere with a no-shampoo routine at all

You dont need to be sorry for that. ;)
And i didnt say it in my first post.
Thanks dear!

The OP might not have needed that info, but I did! Thanks for posting that.

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