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Detangler needed for very thick curly hair...
maatkara2501 wrote in no_poo
Hi everyone,

I have been doing the no poo method for 4 weeks now and I'm still a newbie ;) I have very thick curly hair. I'm washing my scalp with BS twice a week and I'm using the ACV rinse every other day. My hair is very dry and it's tangled together. Every day before I get in the shower, I brush my hair to get it detangled a little bit. But it's not working that good :( In the beginning of my no poo experience, I used coconut oil as a mask before I washed my hair. It detangled my hair and made it softer but there was this smell... I stopped after the first use because my husband was complaining about the smell too... Is there anything else that I could use as a mask and that doesn't smell?

Thank you very much in advance!!! :)

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