stachelbeeren (stachelbeeren) wrote in no_poo,

Help, I'm in England!

...and the water is so horribly hard in a different way that my medium-hard water at home is. I only arrived today but I really don't want to mess up my hair and spend days trying to find out what might work best for me in these circumstances. 
My hair is straight, with a few occasional waves, shoulder-long, somewhere between fine and medium (individual strands), medium thick, dry, hennaed. I don't use the BS & ACV combo. I've been off shampoo since the end of March 2012, so it's been around 3-4 months.
I am still experimenting but I get excellent results with egg yolk washes (to get rid of build-up), coconut oil for the ends/length, an occasional syrian shampoo wash (according to the ingredients it only contains herbs and 'saponifiers' whatever that means (by writing that I wonder what kind of saponifiers were used), WO between washes (until there is evident buildup), and an acidic (not ACV) rinse. 

Any suggestions about English water from the Berkshire region? oh and I want to get some good henna and indigo and shikakai, amla... tell me - what's the best place to buy? :)
Tags: ayurvedic herbs, european users, henna, indigo
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