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Herbal Tea Rinses
loveexhumed wrote in no_poo
Hi all,

I've been rinsing my hair post-BS with a combination of nettle tea and ACV or lemon juice. I've also been experiencing a lot of what feelings like waxiness and build-up in my hair.

A thought occurred to me today: what is the pH of nettle and herbal teas? Could it be that, with the English hard water, the nettle tea - even combined with ACV - wasn't neutralizing or washing out the BS? So, after a quick Google search, I found this:

It looks like the buildup in my hair could be from failing to remove all the BS after washing. Anyone know more about this? I'm going to switch to water and ACV (or lemon juice) only for the next rinse to see how it goes.

EDIT: So today I'm even more convinced that the build-up was caused by not fully removing the BS. supercarrot, your idea worked - I added only a bit of salt to the boiled water to help soften it, and then added the BS after it cooled. I still got the "slick" feeling during the wash, so that was ok. Thanks for that tip. But even a rinse of water + lemon juice followed by my usual one of nettle tea + ACV still didn't help with the waxiness. I could tell, even when it was still wet, that my hair was heavy and full of residue. So, I basically doused it with pure ACV out of frustration - and guess what - even though my hair is predictably a bit oiler this morning than before, the gunk is gone! So, I think the nettle tea/ACV rinse wasn't acidic enough. Still don't know the pH of the nettles, but I'm quitting them and going to a strong ACV rinse from now on. Maybe eventually, ooomphalos, I'll get to WO someday too. Thanks for the help!

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