laceyanklesocks (laceyanklesocks) wrote in no_poo,

Traveling somewhere with hard water

Hi everybody!

I've been 'poo free for about a month, and I'm finally leaving that dreaded transition period. I use the basic tsp baking soda per cup of water to wash and a quick acv rinse every other day or two. My hair is feeling amazingly soft and shiny. However, I'll be traveling to Los Angeles next week, which I know has pretty hard water, especially compared to Portland, where I live.
Now, I'm wondering if I should just go low poo for my week long trip, since I've heard that no poo has a lot of difficulties with hard water, and I don't know if I'll be able to boil all the water I need to wash my hair. If I go low poo for a week, will it derail all of my progress? Or should I just risk it and keep no pooing in the hard water, and hope for the best? Any recommendations for low poo products would be appreciated, if anyone thinks that's the path I should take.
For reference, I have waist length wavy hair that is fine but abundant.
Thank you for any advice!
Tags: -questions from newbies, hair types - fine and wavy, length-bra strap to tushie, long hair, sls-free shampoos, travel, water quality (hard/soft)
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