the no 'poo method

no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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poster100 wrote in no_poo
I need a beginners guide to no-pooing. I have so many questions and everyday it seems like I just have more. I understand that every person is different and I need to find what works best for me but, I'm just not there yet. Does anyone have any suggestions on the basics of no-pooing? How often is too often is my biggest question. Who many days do I need to go before I wash it again. If I wait three day between this was and the next should I wait four days for the wash after that? Or is three days my thing? Should I try a different method every time or just pick one and stick with it and how many time should I try a method that I don't think works before 'giving up on it"/switching to a different method that might work better? I really want a rule book. Does anyone have a suggestion like a 30-day-no-poo challenge to get me started? example: Day 1 BP Day 2 corn starch Day 3 no poo Day 4 ect....? I need help I am trying to figure this out and I haven't found anything that works yet? Is it possible that no-pooing may not work for me? Maybe I am just washing it to much/to little? I have been a "no pooer" now for a just over a month however I have had to shampoo it twice over the course of the month for a job interview and a different event that my questionable no-poo results just wouldn't cut it for. Could this be the reason why its not working for me? Please help. Is there a website/blog/a post here that could help me learn more about this process especially for beginners?
I understand that there is suppose to be a transition period? Do you think that I could just be transitioning or am I could I be doing something wrong? I am really getting discouraged. Any suggestions?

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