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poster100 wrote in no_poo
I am getting so frustrated with this! Please help!? I have been shampoo free for a month now. Beforehand I shampooed every other day. I have very greasy, fine, thin medium length hair. I started no-pooing two months ago but I shampooed twice during my first month. Which from what I understand starts your no-pooing and transition period over every time you do. But I after a month with no shampoo I am still not seeing results! I now use BS and ACV roughly every three days with lots of Baby Powder in between. My hair is constantly a greasy oily dirty mess! That no amount of Baking soda, Baby Poweder, or cornstarch can fix. And every time I no-poo it is only marginally better, even immediately after it dries it still not clean to the touch and certainly not the way it looks. Most recently I even tried brushing in BS dry before I got in the shower to no-poo I thought the double dose of BS would help. But NO. Is the transition period supposed to make your hair worse than when you started? Please help? I am worried I’m giving up to easily/fast but my hair is just unacceptable for public right now. And I’m just ready to go back to shampoo. I am feed up. Is there something better I could try than BS and ACV for super greasy hair?

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okay, everyone is a little different but more BS is probably just stripping your hair of natural oils just as the shampoo was.

my suggestion would be to stop using BS/ACV and try water only with corn starch on dry hair before going to sleep. a shitton of cornstarch because the excess will basically disappear in the night. maybe use lemon water rinses twice a week with a WO wash between.

basically if this isn't working try something else. BS/ACV didn't work for me either other stuff does. lemon/lime/oj are different types of acids, vinegar left me waxy.

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It really sounds like you're in a hard water area so your BS solution isn't working. When you put the water&bs on your hair it should make your hair feel slippery. If it's not doing that then you should boil a cup of water and mix in the bs straight away so that it dissolves and gently fizzes. As the poster above says, adding a little salt can help the bs activate even better.

If you are boiling your water and it's still an oily mess then you're using too much ACV, so you need to cut down on that in your solution.
In general though, remember that both bs and vinegar are quite strong cleaning agents. I know that super greasy hair makes us panic and use more and more of the same stuff, but be cautious with the amounts you are using.

And for now, if you're not vegan, an egg wash, again, as suggested above, will do wonders. It gave me a huge sigh of relief when I was detoxing. Just remember to rinse with *cold* water. Seriously. Or else scrambled egg in your hair.

Finally, a shampoo wash once in a blue moon isn't the end of the world, nor does it undo all the work you've just been doing. Don't sweat it!

I second the boiling water bit.

We seem to have the same hair, you and I, so maybe I can help. I'm no-poo for just over 9 months, and it's been a terrible journey. Just now, I think I've reached some sort of end to the transition phase.

During the past nine months, I've had some gawd awful hair. I've stopped using the baking soda/vinegar thing pretty much after a week or two and have been stubbornly working on my water only routine. Until one day I couldn't take it no more, and I washed my hair with silicone free conditioner. That was my salvation. My hair turned out clean and soft. I've been stretching my once-a-week conditioner washes to once every two weeks and now am able to eliminate them all together. My routine right now is two water-only washes a week.

We have to remember to be patient, and yes: it does get better (although I wouldn't have believed it after six or even eight months). If I can survive a nine-month transition period, so can you.

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