the no 'poo method

no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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I love the look of your various wash methods. So fresh! right from the garden!

That's awesome! So do you use your shampoo, conditioner, and then finish with your rinse? Also, did you notice any differences in your hair after you started no poo?

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Yep. Go see my latest post in the "day in the life" section. It describes exactly what I do and recommend :)

I haven't actually noticed a lot of changes, but it's been a while and so maybe I just don't remember. I keep my hair in plaits 99% of the time, so changes might be less noticeable. I have noticed it's growing pretty fast though!

This is what my hair is looking like at the moment, in case you're wondering :)


Thank you for the extremely valuable post. The pictures really help, too. (And I love your shirt.)

Haha, that's "impersonate" with daleks dressed up as three of the doctors :)

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