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Newbie questions
orphiel wrote in no_poo
Hey guys, newbie here with one (badly mixed I suspect) no poo wash behind me.

I have very fine straight hair, which goes flat and boring very easily, I am hoping no poo might make a difference to this! I used to get better (like fuller and more bouncy) hair by washing it without using conditioner, but then it did go quite dry. Might have just been the amount of bleach I used to put on, though...

I dye it with this every couple of months and am not planning on stopping, although I might think about switching back to henna in a while. I used to have good results with it, but it's a massive ballache doing it, and I have a small child that means I have very little time!

I have a couple of questions to run by you lot.

First off, before my last (no poo) wash, my hair was all tied up in double ended dreads for a month and a half, so I didn't wash it for that time. (It’s clean and non smelly and that, being braided keeps it tight and clean, honest) Does this make any difference to anything? I was kind of hoping that it might mean my transition period is less, because there's less shampoo build up in there, but I have no idea if this makes sense.
In general, because there is a transition period, how do you tell if you're doing it right? I get nervous when I just have to carry on doing something and hope it turns out ok! But I will, if I have to!

I looked through a couple of dyed hair tags on here and saw people have quite a bit of success washing the hair dye out without using shampoo, is this a good idea? And if I do use shampoo to wash it out, does it reset the whole transition period? I don't want to be doing this every 2 months, obviously, it'll be rubbish and pointless!

At the moment I am using the basic some BS and then some ACV rinse. How long before I can tell if it is working? There seem to be all kinds of complicated things you can do, and I am getting a bit confused with everything.

Thanks for reading down this far, I know these are probably all really basic questions but it is hard to parse through everything on my own, and I don't know anyone else doing it.


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yeah, if you haven't washed your hair in 1.5 months, you're well on your way. (but it has to do with the scalp, not the length. you hadn't been rinsing the oils away from the scalp, so it had a chance to adjust.)

also, i'll add the "occasional shampoo use" tag (or whatever we called it) so you can read those posts. the occasional shampooing doesn't seem to mess with your scalp all that much. it's the constant every day washing that makes your scalp unhappy.

good luck!

Awesome, thanks very much :)

I think you should be in luck, not having washed in several weeks. I actually did not experience anything like a transition phase, presumably because I have never washed frequently, and had been using the most natural cleansing products available for many years. My hair and scalp have always responded very well to no-shampoo methods of washing and conditioning.

The transition phase is basically your scalp habitually releasing too much sebum in response to being stripped by harsh detergents for years. Some people experience this for a few days, and others take weeks to adjust. I think factors relating to nutrition and environmental toxins can complicate the process. (For example, my hair gets oily way too quickly since I've been starving off and on, and living in a city, for the last year. My hair was awesome when I lived in a suburb and ate healthfully; I only had to wash every five days or so.)

I imagine the only way to tell whether you're doing it right is to stick with a routine for a few days, adjusting if necessary, til you get good results. I'm sorry I can't be clearer on this; I am only going by years' worth of anecdotes, as I never had to personally deal with a transition.

Be mindful that you may have to experiment to figure out a treatment that works for you. Many people find sodium bicarbonate too harsh, similarly stripping as detergent shampoos. Many advanced no-shampooers save baking soda for when they need to remove a lot of buildup--once monthly, I've often read.

If you're okay with animal products, you might consider eggs for washing. I have had great success with two whole eggs, a couple tablespoons of honey, a quarter-cup of lukewarm lavender tea, and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. I put it all in a clear bottle and shake it til it's completely liquid. Shorter hair may only need one egg; my hair is hip-length.

Shampooing your dye out shouldn't complicate your adjustment process, since you've gone so long without shampooing already. I've had to use shampoo for convenience a few times over the years (I went no-'poo in 2010), and never felt like I had backtracked (though I had to remove the residue ASAP). I have read that various no-shampoo methods get dye out as well, but I'll leave that to people who have done it.

Honestly, because of the difficulty of my present situation, I find "low-'poo" herbal shampoo bars most effective. I like the look of this and this, and will be ordering a few to try. People got their hair clean and shiny without detergents in the past, you know?

Thanks, all those comments were really helpful :) Especially about the transition phase, I was really nervous about that even though logically I have to keep my hair tied up for work, and don't bother about it the rest of the time, haha.

Did my second no poo wash last night, and actually hair is already looking and feeling miles better than after the last one, so am hopeful it won't be long. It's hard sometimes with stuff like this because I feel the need to make sure I'm 'getting it right' and obviously there's a bunch of experimenting and waiting and seeing to do.

Shampoo bars are an excellent idea, there's a Lush in town that does some, so I might use them for shampooing out dye if I get nervous about the doing it without thing :)

I've heard that most if not all of Lush's shampoo bars have SLS, the surfactant people usually want to get away from by using shampoo bars.

Oh, really? I must confess I had not checked ingredients, just assumed as they are all 'natural' and that in the marketing, more fool me. Thanks very much for the warn! Spoke to my hairdresser friend who said I should be fine washing out dye without anyway, so I think I will give the shampoo bars a miss for now :)

They can say sls is natural because it can be made from coconut, but being made from coconut doesn't make it any better and most isn't made from coconut anyways.

Lush makes me mental. They advertise "hand made" what most people misunderstand for "all natural". They're making awful products, as you can probably tell by the perfume when you get near the store.

Tbh I haven't bought anything from them since their appalling publicity stunt and the misogyny that fell out of their mouths afterwards, heh. Forgot about that when I made the original comment.
I'm in a minority by actually liking the perfumes as I walk past tho!

I used to be water-only, then for a while I was using diluted Dr Bronner's washes. In that time I used both henna and regular chemical hair dye, and they rinsed out fine with just water (though the henna needed more manual scrubbing and combing to get all the bits out without the loosening effect of suds). The chemical dye seemed to have a slightly drying effect (it was black, so no bleaching involved, but still damaged hair a tiny bit, as all such dye do) but it was very temporary, after a few days hair was back to its normal shininess.

Also seconding the comments about occasional shampoos being far less damaging than regular washes - I let my hairdresser wash my hair with the usual 'two washes with seemingly litres of shampoo poured on and lathered to hell' cause she wanted to snap a styled photo of the cut, and my hair lost all its body and went wispy and weird, but only for a week or so. I used to wash hair every 3-4 days on average, I think. (Have since been forced to use ghastly chemical stuff for a while due to circumstances, moving back towards no-poo though as it's less effort for more result :D).

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