mrsstevenson (mrsstevenson) wrote in no_poo,

Hair Ruined


I've been shampoo free for about a 18 months. I've never had a big problem with my diluted Dr. Bronner's shampoo and diluted ACV rinse until lately. I only need to wash my hair about every 4 days. It was fun, and best of all "natural."

I'm finally admitting to myself that my once silky, long, straight, thick hair is stripped, and thinning. I've decided that the alkaline Dr. bronner's soap slowly stripped my hair and scalp over 18 months. I kept blaming it on other things. My hair was so badly stripped that coconut oil treatments are doing nothing. Then I found this blog post which explained my situation perfectly. The alkaline Castile soap opens your hair's cuticle and then the rapid change back to acid weakens your hair over time.

Dr. Bronners is great for skin, but I wish I had never tried it on my hair. It happened so bslowly that I didn't even see the gradual changes. Of course everyone's hair is different, but I would be surprised if many people's hair can really handle alkaline soaps such as Bronners and baking soda in the long run. I'm so disappointed. I'm getting several inches cut off this week, and then I'm starting over. And now I'm realizing why my 7 year old daughter's long hair is so shaggy.

I'm not sure what non-shampoo (or shampoo?) I will try now. Shikakai? Coconut milk & aloe? Do I need a shampoo at all if I just use an ACV rinse? I would rather use something simple that my whole family could use conveniently. Advice? Thanks.
Tags: *tips from the long-term users, alternative washes, castile soap, damaged hair, stringy/rough feeling, unwanted lightening
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