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No Poo Seborrheic Dermatitis (SD) Problem - 10months in.
gcb13 wrote in no_poo
Hi everyone, I need help :) Let me start with the details:

Sex: Male
Hair: thick, brown, not so long (but not short either ;)), bit curly.
Hair products: a bit of Organic gel + Organic hairspray
Water: hard, BUT I have installed a water filter and I always use boiled water to make the recipe
Shampoo method: BS + ACV, sometimes I use a eggyolk with EVOO or bit of honey. I always rinse thoroughly and even rinse with cold water afterwards.
Recipe: BSmix = Half teaspoon of BS + 5 drops op TTO + 250ml (9oz?) boiled water
ACVmix = 1 Tablespoon of ACV + 250ml boiled water. Sometimes I add couple drops of peppermint eo or TTO.
Climate: cold, rainy, not much sun (Netherlands ;))
Diet: Mostly vegetarian (however I do eat fish once in a while). I would say I eat pretty healthy (lots of fruits & veggies). I am trying to cut back on dairy and wheat products as well.

No Poo since: February 2013.

Ok now the problem:
In the beginning I had this transition period. But being a guy using hair products this did not bother me. After the transition period all went well for a good 6-7 months. Then after the summer I noticed problems with the method. I had not changed the recipe nor my diet. The only thing (I think) has changed was the season. I noticed flakes appearing here and there in my (what's it called??) whiskers..? My scalp (especially the back where I have thick hair) was getting more itchy and flaky. And every now and then my shoulders are covered in 'snow', as is my pillow... My hairdresser says she can clearly see the SD (she used the words cradle cap, but I googled it and that's the same as SD right?). She believes this is caused by my 'shampoo' not cleaning properly which leaves build up of the oils on my skin (any ideas on this?) I think this is called seborrheic dermatitis (SD). I have a little in my beard as well which I treat with a EVOO/TTO mixture everyday.

I am hoping any one of you "professional no-poo-ers" might see what I'm doing wrong and how I can solve the SD. I read that sea salt could help?
Would you suggest adding more/less BS? More/less ACV? Could it be a diet thing? Maybe it's just the seasonal change? But even then I need to know how I can change the recipe accordingly.

I have a shampoo at home called Selsun that I used to use once in a while to 'kill' the SD, which worked. But I stopped using this as I went no-poo. Do you think it will be harmful to my no-poo regiment if I would use it once in a while (e.g. 3 or 4 times a year?)

Any other suggestion is highly appreciated. It's very frustrating to see that I'm taking a lot of things into account and still it is not really what I am hoping for.

Please, if you need any more info, let me know :) Thank you for your help!

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If the problem is a fungus, you should use the chemical-based shampoo when you need it, but in between use more tea tree oil, and maybe add some coconut oil; they both have antifungal properties.

Thanks, will try!

Any other tips?

Zinc is the active ingredient in dandruff shampoos. I would think you could buy it in liquid form in a health food store and add it to your mixture.

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