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Newbie - 1 week after first month of WO

Hey everyone! So I kind of fell into the No-poo thing out of a few random factors that all seemed to come together at the right moment: running out of shampoo, poor college student, and a penchant for history. So, what I've found is that my hair really seems to be behaving itself now that I am no longer using shampoo and conditioner.

I have stick straight hair that is fine, but with a lot of it, and is cut longer on top and shorter on the sides. I've noticed that I'm getting body and an easier time getting my quiff to stay where its supposed to, I've also used much less of my pomade product and have a shorter time drying my hair. Here is a list of some of the things I have found:

The good!
*My hair is actually lighter in color (the inverse of what i was afraid of)
*I no longer need to use hairspray because my hair behaves much better when i adjust it.
*I found after the 4 day mark my hair lost its greasiness

The bad...
*When washing my hair feels thick and waxy (slightly less so now)
*My scalp is itchy now (no clear signs of dandruff unless i stair at it a few inches from the mirror and see extremely tiny specks of white)

I had washed my hair around the 3 week mark with two whole eggs and about a capful of olive oil, which made my hair super shiny and cut out a lot of the grease, but it actually did what my old shampoo and conditioner would do to my hair; the hair darkened slightly and wanted to lie as straight and flat as possible. I was thinking about trying AC washes, because honestly I've found that other than that waxy feeling in the shower, my hair dries really well and not waxy at all. I'm not sure if That's what will benefit me the most or if i should try tea rinses ? I do have hard water, so I think that is what is making it feel rather waxy, but again I don't know for sure.

I want to get the itching to go away or be less intense, as well as keep the volume and blonde shade my hair has taken on. Any suggestions for a newbie? Thanks!
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