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It's been fun, but...
gauraprema wrote in no_poo
Hi all,
I've been no poo for about a year and 8 months. I've really enjoyed my experience and got some wonderful results, but I seem to have reached a point where I've encountered several issues and don't know what to change in my routine anymore. If I don't do something different quickly, I might have to give it up entirely.
Let me explain myself... First of all, this is my current routine :
I wash twice a week.
Once with 3/4tsp BS dissolved in boiling water followed by a nettle tea rinse, containing about 2 tsp of white vinegar. I also add EO such as Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender and Lemon.
For the other wash, I use 3 egg yolks blended in about a cup of water, followed by the same rinse as before.
My hair is fairly long, thick and very straight.

Now what has been problematic lately, is that my ends are breaking A LOT. I never used to have split ends before I went no poo. They started turning white too, and it's pretty noticeable. So I went ahead and got a haircut about two weeks ago, and they are already starting to turn white again. I'm pretty upset about this, as I want to let my hair grow. I get the feeling that the Baking Soda is causing this, as it seems to be the most "harsh" product I'm using. I also get dandruff every time I use BS, so it seems to be an overall irritating factor.
Also, the length of my hair is very waxy. It wasn't always like that; there were periods where my hair looking really nice allover. But now, after I've washed it, the part close to my roots looks really good but not the rest. It's not to bad because I braid it, but I would still like to have the option of wearing it down when I feel like it! It's also definitely more waxy after the BS wash than the Egg wash.

The thing is, I can't give up BS and use only eggs. That would be too many (6 egg yolks a week?) and too expensive! And I've tried adding more time in between washes but my hair gets the greasy look very quickly. Also, when I have dandruff, I can't stop myself from scratching my scalp and it really needs to get cleaned regularly.

So, what can I do? I tried Water Only, and it looks absolutely terrible. Greasier coming out of the shower than beforehand. Adding more BS will make it more irritating for my scalp and my ends; I would not risk that. I have a Boar Bristle Brush, but as soon as I start using it gets covered in wax. That means I have to wash it every time I use it. So I don't end up using it a lot.

I've been thinking about shampoo bars, maybe? Any other suggestions? Ayurvedic herbs seem a little bit complicated. I don't have that much patience...
I thought I could find the "perfect recipe" for my hair and just keep using that, but it's reacting differently all the time! And lately, I've been very unsatisfied with the results. After almost two years of adapting quantities, testing different methods, I feel like I've run out of ideas.

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Were you using conditioner before? It sounds like your ends need something, like an oil or a humectant (like honey or vegetable glycerin in your rinse), if you don't want to use a -cone free conditioner.'s forums may help you too if you don't get enough response here.

I gave up on using baking soda at all really early on, it just seemed to be drying my hair out horribly. It took a while but my routine is now mostly water only - I really scrub my hair hard under hot water every time I shower. About once a week or so, maybe a bit less, I use a very weak vinegar rinse.

Once a month or so I use conditioner and about the same frequency I use a small amount of shampoo (a natural one, so a shampoo bar would be the same deal I suspect) being careful to rub only into the scalp/roots. My hair is shoulder length, straight and very fine. The main problem I was having that was making me consider going back to shampoo was that my hair would start to feel simultaneously horribly greasy whilst acting frizzy and fly-away. It was nasty.

My instinct is that you're doing too much to your hair, but my first suggestion would be ease back on/get rid of the baking soda.

You'll need to use Apple Cider Vinegar, not white.

As for the Baking soda, if you're following the 1 teasppon to 1 cup of water ratio, you shouldn't be having this issue. This may be the problems you're having. But I DID notice the white vinegar is not supposed to be. The acidic levels aren't the same as ACV.

Try that switch, please give it another try.


Thanks for your comments!
I don't put any oil on my hair as it already has a tendency to be oily... But it's true that the oil doesn't necessarily go all the way to my ends (especially after washing with BS), so I may try adding a little bit of coconut oil there. Haven't tried honey in my rinse either; does anyone know how much I should use? 1 tbsp maybe? What are the exact effects of it?

I tried to ease on pretty much everything I do, and my hair looked absolutely terrible. Every time I wash it, I get to this point where I wouldn't be able to wait another day, because of all the grease and dandruff. I tried to space out my washes using Water Only, and it actually seemed to make it worse. I don't know why, it's like all the grease/wax gets enabled when my hair gets wet without getting washed. It may be a question of "transition" but I doubt it. I can't really afford to look horrible for a couple of weeks anyway, and if I quit using BS I'm pretty sure I need to replace it wish something else, hopefully, something more gentle.

As for using ACV instead of white, that's what I was using when I initially went no poo, and it made my hair extremely waxy. Even now with WV, if I put just a little bit too much (less than a tablespoon) in my rinse, it spoils the whole thing. I tried going back to ACV (I've pretty much tried every combination of everything I'm using) at some point and had the same result as before. There are quite a few people here who don't use ACV for the same reason.

What to do...?

Try this website

I'm currently washing with 1/3 cup lemon juice and 1cup water mixed together then conditioning with 2 tbsp raw honey and 1/4 cup pure aloe Vera gel (no alcohol, dyes) blended together. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse.
My hair was unbearable with the baking soda. The website is awesome! Click on the links and check out routines. :)

I've heard that too much protein is bad for your hair. I would suggest only doing an egg wash once a month. Also, backing down on the amount of baking soda could also be helpful.

I wash with baking soda and am currently using black tea as my rinse and feel like my scalp is a lot itchier than it was using apple cider vinegar. Someone else suggested apple cider vinegar and I agree.

I'd also suggest an applesauce mask for the waxiness. I did that once (steamed my own apples and used my son's baby bullet to puree it up). Left it on for a little bit and rinsed it out. Felt wonderful after and not waxy.

Good luck!

To condition your ends but not look greasy, try putting a tiny bit of coconut oil on your ends at the end of the day when you don't need to be out and about anymore. After dinner but before bed. It will start to absorb before you go to bed and you won't muck up your pillow case. It should be almost all absorbed by the next morning. I have done this for awhile and it makes the ends so smooth. Good luck!

I've been doing no-poo for five months and didn't want to use BS as I'd heard about it drying the hair. Water only don't work for me - made my hair more greasy like yours. What I've been using though is rhassoul clay once a week and an egg three or four days after it. The clay I just apply to my scalp and down as far as my ears, rinsing after five minutes and a ACV rinse after. I use water infused with chamomile and rosemary to mix with the clay (anti dandruff). It leaves my hair feeling clean and soft. Some weeks I use the smallest amount of argan oil rubbed into the ends the night before I wash it.

For the egg wash I use the white on the scalp to get rid of the grease and the yolk below ear height to condition. It works well.

I haven't managed to extend washing time beyond four days unless I use dry shampoo (just cornflour which is cheap as anything) but That's twice as long as when I washed my hair with shampoo though.

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