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Considering no poo, but what about my keratin treatment?
da_doo wrote in no_poo
Hey guys! I'm new to this community...have been considering no poo for a while but there are only so many mom blogs one can read before desiring more peer-led advice, so here I am!

I'm a 25 year old woman with longish wavyish dark brown hair that is individually fine but very dense. In its natural state, it can be quite poofy. I've been getting the keratin treatment to keep it smooth and straighter three times per year for the past four years or so, and my hair has never been healthier or prettier. I need to wash it 3-4 times per week or it looks greasy. Also because it's winter, I suffer from dry white scalp flakes (yick).

The problem is, besides costing a whopping $250 three times per year, upkeep is also hella expensive, what with the keratin infusion stuff (which there was recently a groupon discount for, thank goodness) and then shampoo and conditioner which costs me $40 every couple months for both. Sooo I'm wondering, if I can somehow make it past the greasy transition stage, maybe my hair would look just as awesome and healthy with no poo! Worth a shot right?

I know all the keratin treatment does is coat your hair to make it would the no poo method completely strip my current treatment (that I received exactly one month ago and would otherwise have a good 2-3 good months left)? Or are there any specific ingredients I should use (or avoid!) to keep the keratin in tact, like clay instead of baking soda for shampoo (just a guess)? Should I continue using the infusion leave-in conditioner after my shower even though it has a silicone ingredient in it or should I stop that because it defeats the purpose and replace it with something like argan oil?

Also worth noting I have a filtered shower head (you guys, you can get one for less than $20 at Lowes!!) so hard water isn't an issue for me.

I'm just so conflicted because my hair looks awesome currently but I would prefer a more natural, less expensive hair care alternative (edited for clarity: eventually using no poo and never getting a keratin treatment again). What do you think? Thanks so much!

(I have no idea which tags to use, sorry! I'm new)

edited to add: I already make a lot of my own skincare products, so I am no stranger to EOs and have an enormous stock of stuff I could try in my shampoo and conditioner. I'm all but ready to take the no poo plunge...

I'm a little confused here. Are you trying to go no 'poo while maintaining keratin treatments? Or are you hoping that no 'poo will eliminate the need for keratin treatments?

Either way, I have no experience with keratin treatments so I can't provide too much advice. I haven't seen anywhere the effects of using BS and ACV on keratin treated hair. But if you do cut the shampoo and conditioner you will go through a transition phase that will consist of pretty bad hair days. Only after that will you be able to come to a conclusion of whether or not you can maintain great hair on a no 'poo regimen. might provide you with more answer. IMO, you should stop the keratin treatments:) Also, your natural texture might benefit from CO (conditioner only washing.)

Thanks for the reply! I guess it wasn't clear because I'm kind of confused as well...I want to start no poo so I can eliminate the keratin treatments, but I would still want to maintain my current treatment, if possible. If that's not at all possible, I might as well wait until the keratin wears out in a couple months, but I'm still curious what no poo ingredients people are using (BS, ACV, rose water, clay, etc) would be important to avoid with treated hair.

I think you should join and post on their forum. I know nothing about keratin treatment and I'm sure some of them do.

Hi, ive been no poo for a month now, i had the keratin treatment done about 2 weeks before going no poo. I noticed that my hair still gets veryyy greasy, im using water only to wash it, i scrub it a lot and it looks great for 1-2 days, then its grease grease grease. I noticed that my roots that have grown out and have not been treated or died feel softer and cleaner, the rest of the hair feel coarser and dirtier/greasier where the treated part starts. Im thinking once the kerating fades it might be better but for now im going to continue the no poo and hope for the best.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! It's interesting, because I did take the plunge after writing this and my hair looks just as great as before, if not a tinyyy bit coarser. No greasefest. My waves are more defined and it looks great to wear down. The dry scalp flakes are gone! But I was thinking that perhaps once the keratin grows out it'll start the greasefest.

I shower 3x per week - 2x with my conditioner recipe only and 1x with both my shampoo recipe and the conditioner. Afterwards, I use the pricey keratin infusion on my wet hair (might as well use up my last 2 bottles) and comb for 5 minutes. When it's completely dry the next morning (I shower at night), I spritz a spray I made of rosewater and a few drops of argan oil and brush through for 5 minutes with a boar bristle brush. If it looks a little greasy after a day and a half, I brush through some cornstarch mixed with a few drops of lavender and clary sage essential oils that I put into a shaker.

My recipes are basically a kitchen sink of what I've read works for some people, and all things I already had in my cabinet.

Clarifying Shampoo recipe:
1 tbs Rhassoul clay
1 tsp BS
1 tsp witch hazel
1 tsp colloidal silver
1 tbs rosewater
1 cup water
5 drops clary sage EO

Conditioner recipe:
1 tbs ACV
2 tbs rosewater
1 tsp colloidal silver
3/4 cup water
5 drops argan oil
3 drops each EO: lavender, lemon, lime, basil, rosemary, teatree, thyme

Works for me :) I'm going to make a whole post of this.

thanks for sharing this review with us....!
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