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EGG wash questions
nurselily wrote in no_poo
I have been no poo for 2 months 1/2

-I have Light brown passed my clavicle length hair
-Fine strands but a lot of it
-Straight with the smallest wave only if I air dry (blow dry without brush yields very straight hair)
-Normal sebum production. (when I shampooed I would only do it every 3 or 4 days)

I have been using a mix of BS 1 tblsp for 2 cups of boiled water to wash and DWV or tea or diluted lemon juice as acid rinses. ACV weighs my hair down.

Yesterday I drenched my length and ends omitting my scalp with coconut oil and let it absorb for a whole day.
Today I did my first egg wash using 3 eggs 1 tbsp of lemon juice and a bit of water. Put it in my scalp and length and rinsed with cold water. Air dried.

Now my hair feels dry and frizzy. (even though I did an oil mask for the whole day before) It had been 6 days since my last wash. My hair is not soft, not silky. People say egg does miracles to their hair. but not me.

I'm curious why it didnt work well.
Has anyone had similar results as me?

I have only ever done egg-yolk washes and those are what worked wonders for me. In fact, I've been told that the egg white washes dry out the hair - just like an egg white mask on the face dries and tightens the face. They're meant to be great for humid climates when your face and hair are just over gunked with stuff, and for drawing impurities out of the scalp.

So, i'm guessing that by using the whole-egg, yolk and white, and THREE what's more (I've only ever used one egg yolk on my hair, even when it was down past my shoulders), you might have gotten more of the white benefits than the yolk benefits.

That's my best guess!

Next time I will try only one egg yolk for sure. No whites for me :) Also how much time should I wait between egg washes? I heard oce a month is normal.

I don't do it very often. It's almost like a special occasion - kind of like when I get to rinse my hair with a really good beer. I certainly wouldn't do it more than once a month though. I think the yolk can be almost too enriching for your hair. Also, I've had just as good results with flaxseed/linseed gel, if you want to go vegan.

Yeah, I've had marvelous effects using two or three whole eggs, combined with perhaps a tablespoon each of lemon juice and honey, and a very little bit of water. Sort of a really messy shampoo. (Too costly for me, though; until I can keep some chickens, I need to eat every egg I get.)

If you used whole eggs, I am not sure what might have happened to make your hair turn out so dry. Sorry. :c

Next time I may try just yolks, Some people have said that whites can be very drying, I may also add a small amount (1 tsp) of ACV


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