the no 'poo method

no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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My hair is thick, both texturally and in quantity, and wavy. I kind of accidentally spread my washes out because I had pretty bad dandruff and my hair was just drying out too. I noticed that the longer I went, the better my hair seemed to be. Eventually I was going a week between shampoos and my hair was much happier (I eventually did no poo, but I am lazy so i fell off the wagon and my dandruff turns out to be fungal, so I use a prescription shampoo once a month now to keep it at bay.)

My main advice for the waxy build up is just lots of brushing, preferably with a boar bristle brush. I only use boar bristle at night though because my hair can get a bit frizzy even when greasy/waxy and the boar bristle, while helping with the build up, seems to make it worse.

My dandruff might be fungal, too. Is your shampoo prescription? Last year, while I was using store-bought shampoo every other day, I'd spray some ACV on my scalp and let sit for a few minutes before washing it off. It cleared up a little of the flakes and itch. I wonder if I should try Selsun Blue once a week. That stuff reeks, but still....

Thanks for the brushing advice! I wear an up-do too often, so I forget to brush altogether. =P

Yeah, it is prescription. I had to use it more often at first, but once it was under control once a month seems to do the trick for me.

I always wear my hair up, usually in a messy bun. So I often don't brush my hair either, and I usually regret it!

I did. Not purposefully, but in the year before I discovered no-poo, I cut down from shampooing every day to about every 3 days. I do think it helped with the transition when I did switch to no-poo - I never felt like I went through an oily phase.

I did. Before I learned about no poo, I spread out washes to once a week. Then, because I was skeptical, I added a baking soda wash and rosemary tea/vinegar rinse between my shampoo and conditioner followed by coconut oil on the ends. I dropped the commercial products as the bottles emptied, and never looked back.

I was already doing acv rinses before switching from some oatmeal body wash thing (I thought it would be better than shampoo, but didn't realize it still had sulfates, because it can be derived from coconut) to baking soda. I was already going two days between washes, then started using cornstarch to stretch them out a few more days. I use a bit of cinnamon when I think it may smell, usually after using the cornstarch I put a bit in my hands and rub it into my scalp and along my hair.

Careful if you decide to put cinnamon into your rinse, because I was stupid and combined it with almost boiling water, and it activated it or something and boy did it sting my face, with a bit of redness after.

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Hey girls! I also started my no poo gradually because I noticed that the less often I washed my hair (long, thick, wavy - itchy, angry scalp), the better it was, as well as my scalp. And then I learned about no poo and thought it was the perfect occasion. I've always had issues with my hair, I've hated it for so many years and nothing has ever helped, all products have been a waste of time and money.

I remember trying baking soda+apple vinegar once or twice during the first weeks when I had some greasiness but my hair just got really mad at me. So I haven't used that ever again. It totally dries my scalp and messes my hair up so for me personally it just doesn't work. So I just let my hair be, and soon it got so much better.

Now it's been more than 2,5 years of no shampoo! I rinse my hair once a month with conditioner (can you believe it), sometimes even rarer... I use coconut oil or such products for my ends 'cause they tend to dry or split since I use conditioner so rarely. I live in Finland and especially now that it's winter I need to protect them even more. I brush my hair with a normal brush and one of those boar-thingies.

MY HAIR DOESN'T GET DIRTY ANYMORE. So there's no reason to wash it. And I'm still engaged and maintained a steady job, so it's not like I stink or look disgusting ;) People just can't believe I don't wash my hair. My hair is long, healthy and shiny, and so easy to deal with. I work in a small boutique where we sell organic soaps and stuff, and I've recommended no poo to many of our customers! :)

The only problem is colouring my hair. I've only used dyes that are ammonium/paraben/whatever-free, but they also tend to irritate my scalp these days. I've tried hair-friendly toners, and they don't harm my scalp, but they won't colour my hair either. My natural colour is a boring ugly brown, with lots of grey hair now that I'm getting older. How do you guys deal with hair dying?? I guess my own hair is so well today that nothing absorbes or sticks......


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