the no 'poo method

no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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I can't help with the smell. Have you tried a baking soda wash with an apple cider vinegar rinse? That might be enough to get the smell out without cones?

I would say that, as far as dandruff and itching goes, brushing is my number one thing. Even just with a normal plastic brush, if I make sure I brush across the scalp and pull all the way to the tips I definitely feel a difference. It also helps with the greasy look, in my experience.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I ended up sort of. Panicking. And just used some cone free shampoo. It got the smell out but I'm paying for it in terms of itchy scalp today! I'll bear the BS/ACV thing in mind for if I have another weird smell issue though!
Thanks for the brush suggestion. I find my scalp can be quite tender if I itch it too much so it might be another problem I have to look into (yay) but glad to hear that a plastic brush can be useful too (I wasn't sure it there was much point to what I was doing!)

do you think it smells like fish? Could he just be associating the fact that lemon is often used on cooked fish with your hair?

I didn't think it smelt like fish until he said it, but it was certainly bizarre. But then once someone says something like that it can kind of get into your head and I was then quite desperate to get rid of it!
(Used cone free shampoo, which worked, but has set me back a bit.)

(Deleted comment)
Ah ok, thanks! Apparently the scalp had the weird smell too. I'll try Earl Grey next time, thanks! (It was really cheap green tea too, don't know if that might not have helped)

Green tea is NOT made from seaweed. It's made from tea leaves.

Cinnamon smells nice, if you have a bit of that in your cabinet. Not sure if it will cover up the "fishy" smell completely but it's pretty fragrant.

Ok, thanks! I got rid of it by using shampoo and setting myself back a bit, but I'll remember this next time!

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