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Coconut Milk
loveexhumed wrote in no_poo
So, there's no tag here for "coconut milk" so I found it hard to search. Anyway, wanted to get some opinions/comments on the use of coconut milk. I'm almost 2 years no-poo. Lately, with my BS wash, I've been struggling with dry hair and scalp and oily roots. Weird, I know. Like, the first day or so after washing would be fine, but then the length of my hair would get very dry, the roots would be oily, and my scalp would be flaky. I started reading about some people's experience with the base/acid combo Ph switching being too harsh on the scalp and decided to try a coconut milk wash. I found a few recipes online for coconut milk + Dr. Bronner's + oil (followed by a vinegar rinse) and tried it last night - LOVE IT! Now, it's only the first day, but my roots are clean and the length of my hair is soft and shiny. Can I expect this to last? What other changes to my routine do I need to make? Anyone done this yet?

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Your symptoms are not weird! The baking soda method has been decried as detrimental for longterm use. It is very drying. I, too, have read that the constant pH switching is harsh. It's hard to find more information or solid evidence, since the no-shampoo crowd is so small, but I have seen enough anecdotes from knowledgeable people to believe this standard method is only good for clarifying after one's hair gets particularly gross. I gave up baking soda years ago because it was frying my hair.

Whatever the case, it sounds like you got really dried-out, and your scalp has overcompensated by producing more oil, just as it does with mainstream detergent shampoos. I have never tried or researched this use of coconut milk, but I am glad you had success with it. I've actually returned to (extremely natural, organic, herbal) shampoo, but new homemade methods are always interesting. Hopefully, other people have tried it.

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