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Need advice, no poo since five months
lilly_lee wrote in no_poo

I'm in need for some advice! I've been doing no poo for five months but I still feel the need to wash my hair every second day. I started with BS and ACV or conditioner only every other day. But lately I've experimented with egg wash, rhasoul clay, birch leaves and rye flour. I absolutely love clay and rye flour and my hair gets really soft and fluffy the first day. I usually rinse with either ACV or lemon juice and water. But the second day it feels and looks oily and greasy. It doesn't get better and I really thought it would after five months. I'm Swedish and I have typically Scandinavian hair, blond and thin hairs. The colour is nice and shiny the first day, but gets dark and dull the second day already. It will take a lot for me to start using shampoo again but I was looking forward to not feeling the need to wash my hair every day...

Does anyone have some advice??

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Have you tried washing with water only on the second day? With mineral water -- in between the washes. If that doesn't help -- do an acidic rinse on the second day: juices, fruit purees. It will helpa a day longer. To me it adds a day. Some people use dry shampoos like cornstarch.

Hi, thanks for your advice. I think I've just been lazy and not tried enough to wash less. For the last two weeks I've used an acidic rinse on the third day. This makes my hair look ok, but it still feels very oily. I'll look into cornstarch too. Then perhaps in a while it'll feel better. Thanks.

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