the no 'poo method

no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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As for managing curls -- do you brush wet hair? It's easier to style hair when it's wet.
Oil hair masks as a pre-wash treatment strengthen hair. As well should help to manage the curl.

I don't know how much baking soda and vinegar you use, proportions. ...
If you you want to improvw ypur hair health you don't have to keep to the once-a-week washing routine -- you could stretch out the washes gradually by adding a day or two.
If baking soda and vinegar don't work for you you might take another no poo alternatives. Some people use organic shampoos and bars. Other people use clay. There's plenty of information on this blog and elsewhere.
Wish you to find your ways for better hair.

You don't brush curls, especially when wet, because the hair is more fragile.

It probably depends on the type of hair. Mine is long thick and a little wavy. If I don't brush my hair when wet it will be difficult to brush and untagle it when it's dry.

Combing is better than brushing, starting from the bottom going up. At least that's what I've read. I have thick hair and usually just finger comb it when wet or blow dry it then finger comb. Brushing and untangling when wet can cause breakages.

Thanks for advice. :) I'll try it.
Combing takes longer if on dry hair.
Combing or brushing is possible for short hair -- when I had neck length and shorter I used to air dry it, then brushed, it still easn't easy. Then I went back to brushing wet or damp.

Mine is similar in that it's more of a wavy "curl" than the tight curls. And, mine is long, fine, and thin. Air drying takes FOREVER for me, which is surprising since my hair is so fine and thin, so morning routine air drying is not an option for me usually. Doing it the night before only results in crimped looking oily hair in the morning. =-\

I air dry, it takes more than an hour, depending on the season. That's because of thickness I think -- the down layer at the back takes longer to dry. I read somewhere one girl dried her long hair performing a kind of a heavy metal singer dance throwing her hair back and forth on one side, then on the other.

Thank ya'll for your replies!
When I say I have curly hair, it's actually more like part curl, part wave. Hoping I am describing it correctly. I don't have a picture but I will try to post one next time I have it curly. But I definitely do not have tight curls. Does that make a difference in brushing? My hair is also very fine and thin, so when I say it knots up easily that is an understatement. I'm talking little bitty knots you would sometimes get after a swim...the kind you usually have to cut out. I feel like not combing it would eventually result in dreadlocks. My entire life I have never worn my hair curly. But b/c of that I have no clue how to manage it so maybe ya'll are right. I plan to do a lot more researching on that front.

If I don't brush my hair wet -- when it's dry it reminds dread locks a bit. But until I brush it. I'll experiment detangling with fingers, finger combing. But my hair is heavy.
You could try rinsing or sprinkling with mineral water -- tap water isn't very good, esp. with 'water only' and at the beginning.

Try or try curl girl. I think baking soda is too harsh for most curly haired people. If it isn't working, stop. Although can you feel patches of hair that are thinner or there just appears to be more hair fall? But baking soda and acv isn't what I would do for super healthy hair, there is definitely not enough moisture, b/c acv is not a conditioner, it just smooths the hair shaft and gets rid of some extra gunk (at least for me). And bs may even increase your split and damaged ends. Have you tried egg or applesause washes? Conditioner washes? I think the long hair community forums will be a great resource for you, they have so much more there than here (also most of them don't like washing with baking soda).

Thanks for the advice! I will definitely check those forums out too. =-)

hi guys, I have the same issues as droberie here and wonder if anyone could help - i just started with no poo, after the last wash with regular shampoo and conditioner, I didn't touch my hair for 6 days (usually wash it every second day; its wavy, thick 'european' hair) and today washed with half tbs BS+cup of water and did the vinegar rinse (rinsed immediately), in the shower. I put the BS on and it made me wonder whether it's going to come out with water because it made my roots go very heavy and waxy - after about 10 minutes in the shower, trying to rinse the BS out, it seemed to come out at the sides completely but the top of my head still felt pretty bad. I let it air dry and the top of my head looks pretty bad, there's clearly still BS on it whilst the sides of my head are all looking and feeling nice - what should I do? I don't think I could have washed the BS out if I was in that shower for an hour, it was very stubborn..anyone had any similar experiences? Is BS this stubborn to wash out for everyone? please help, thanks!

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