the no 'poo method

no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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Honestly, my tip is to find a gentler shampoo alternative, because the baking soda and ACV method has become widely regarded as suitable only for the occasional detox. It is my experience--and this is shared by many users of this method--that this "standard" no-'poo approach is simply too damaging for frequent longterm use. I've used it a few times over several years, and while my hair liked it at first, it soon dried out and became frizzy. This is a symptom of over-stripping sebum from the scalp.

I don't have much time right now, but I can direct your research if you choose to consider my advice. Look at herbal shampoo bars on Etsy (dot com), and consider the ones at Mehandi (dot com). I especially recommend the ylang ylang bar from Mehandi, but it is rather expensive when you add shipping.

I'm not sure what kind of grooming tools you use, but a genuine boar-bristle brush, a horn comb, or a wood comb would really help distribute sebum so as to help take care of the frizz. If you're interested, let me know and I can link you some things--or you can look back through the blog, 'cause I left a rather long comment full of links in a recent post.

I hope your hair troubles are resolved swiftly~

Wow, I would love to have all the links where this is discussed so I can catch back up on my reading about this topic. I was looking to find a cheaper alternative to using shampoo and conditioner, so an expensive shampoo bar is bit counterproductive to my original task, but I'm curious to know what there is out there. I will look into the the different kinds of combs as well. I'll take a look back through the blog and see what else there is to learn about.
Thanks for alerting me to these developments, and I look forward to reading links

I am so happy to read that, at lest someone, is talking about how BS and ACV are for occasional use only!! (It maybe that I have been for a while... >.> <.< .)

I have been hearing about using herbs on the hair for about the last 3 months now. I have used a verity of them for different hair problems and can state they do work, but finding/learning the right one is necessary!! Personally I see no reason to buy a bar if I can make it, but that is me. That said, I would also really love some links to look at so I can see what others are doing - or maybe just a link to the post that you left a long comment on full of links ;)


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