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Return to No Poo after about a year lapse
Evil Grin
anjel_kitty wrote in no_poo
Hi community. I wanted to report that I have returned to my regimen of shampoo free, and have been no poo once more for about 4 weeks after a year hiatus. I had stopped using ACV/BS because my husband hated the smell of vinegar and for a while I was unable to really experiment much with trying to make the whole process more pleasant for those who didn't like the vinegar. I went back to using shampoo and conditioner, and found that in the extreme dryness my hair got a lot more damaged. Back earlier in May I decided to finally go back to using the no poo system. Its taken a while, and my hair has to rebound from about a year of shampoo build up, but thus far I've started noticing that my natural wave comes out in my hair after the vinegar wash. I have my BS in a canister and do the paste in my hand and thoroughly scrub my scalp. Then I wash with ACV that I've distilled through rosemary and have cut the concentration considerably to about 1/5 parts ACV and water. I find that this helps the ACV a lot less strong and smell a lot better.
Here is my current set up for my ACV and my BS:

I used one of my cat's old litter containers to store the diluted ACV.
My only frustration at this point is that my hair is still really frizzy especially at the top of my head. If I add the least bit of oil (tea tree and coconut) it get's really really oily and gross looking. So I'm wondering if anyone has any tips to help out with this issue.

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Honestly, my tip is to find a gentler shampoo alternative, because the baking soda and ACV method has become widely regarded as suitable only for the occasional detox. It is my experience--and this is shared by many users of this method--that this "standard" no-'poo approach is simply too damaging for frequent longterm use. I've used it a few times over several years, and while my hair liked it at first, it soon dried out and became frizzy. This is a symptom of over-stripping sebum from the scalp.

I don't have much time right now, but I can direct your research if you choose to consider my advice. Look at herbal shampoo bars on Etsy (dot com), and consider the ones at Mehandi (dot com). I especially recommend the ylang ylang bar from Mehandi, but it is rather expensive when you add shipping.

I'm not sure what kind of grooming tools you use, but a genuine boar-bristle brush, a horn comb, or a wood comb would really help distribute sebum so as to help take care of the frizz. If you're interested, let me know and I can link you some things--or you can look back through the blog, 'cause I left a rather long comment full of links in a recent post.

I hope your hair troubles are resolved swiftly~

Wow, I would love to have all the links where this is discussed so I can catch back up on my reading about this topic. I was looking to find a cheaper alternative to using shampoo and conditioner, so an expensive shampoo bar is bit counterproductive to my original task, but I'm curious to know what there is out there. I will look into the the different kinds of combs as well. I'll take a look back through the blog and see what else there is to learn about.
Thanks for alerting me to these developments, and I look forward to reading links

I am so happy to read that, at lest someone, is talking about how BS and ACV are for occasional use only!! (It maybe that I have been for a while... >.> <.< .)

I have been hearing about using herbs on the hair for about the last 3 months now. I have used a verity of them for different hair problems and can state they do work, but finding/learning the right one is necessary!! Personally I see no reason to buy a bar if I can make it, but that is me. That said, I would also really love some links to look at so I can see what others are doing - or maybe just a link to the post that you left a long comment on full of links ;)


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