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soft water + wax + 3 months of good results - options = what do
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kriem wrote in no_poo
Hi!! My name is Meghan & I've been lurking this community for god knows how long. You guys don't know me, but you taught me and encouraged me to go shampoo-free this summer. My fairy god-LJ.

I'm finally making a post because everything's gone pear-shaped and I've gone through the archives/memories/tags as far back as about 7 years and can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I have some specific trouble with my hair now and I found a lot of advice, but not a lot of follow-up if it worked. (I hope this doesn't mean people gave up D:)

In any event, I started in late-July/early-August, with the basic BS/ACV combo. I'd tried it before, back in 2013 and couldn't stand the transition period so I gave up. I initially started because my hair is FUBAR and has been for a while. My thyroid issues got bad again and I lost about half my hair (again) and my hair has historically been horribly greasy, even as a little girl. I used to wash with clarifying shampoo daily, small amounts of conditioner if needed and never used products because I couldn't. I just got so tired of the "strip, add back, strip" dance of oil in my hair and I'm sure my hair was too.

Here's a visual timeline, since I just realized I had one, & maybe it will help. First pic is January 2014, when I dyed my hair teal (stupidly, since my hair was already thinning) and it's kinda greasy on top and frizzy at the end. No matter what color or length it was, it got worse in this manner for the next 7 months. Most pictures of me after my teal faded until I chopped my hair are of me pulling it back because I was ashamed of it. Second pic is from early August, right after I started. Hair still frizzy but shinier and healthier-looking. Last pic is a few days after getting dead ends chopped & what it looks like right after a shampoo -- very nice! It only lasts less than 24 hours now.

FTR, my hair is color-treated, but dyed the same-ish color as my natural hair, because of burgeoning gray (one of the joys of aging).

I started with a 1:10 dilution ratio, the standard. It worked well for months! To the point where, for the first time in my entire life, I didn't need to wash my hair every shower. It was a miracle until about a month or so ago, the wax started. I remember reading about waxy build-up in my initial educatin' myself, but I didn't realize that's what it was until recently.

My hair feels clumpy and waxy, like there's a lot of product. I can slick it back easily and have it stay. My hair is very fine and wavy, and has become thin in the last year. Before I got off shampoo, I chopped it from mid-back to jaw-length trying to do something to help. It's grown down to my shoulders now and it usually won't hold a ponytail all that well but I knew there was an issue when it WOULD. It's that piece-y. I could probably do a mohawk.

Thing is, it's not always like this! Post-"shampoo" it feels great. It only lasts a day or so, in which I put up with wax miserably. Then "shampoo" and feels great. I just hate having to deal with this waxy crap in between. And like I said, it wasn't always like this.

Also, I have soft water. I live in south Mississippi in an area that has some of the softest water in the country. So the problem is not an outside issue; it's either something I'm doing or not doing or my hair is doing/not doing. I got no clue.

Another piece of info that might help is I have hyperthyroid, as I mentioned, and it makes me hot all the time. I sweat so much because I live in a very humid and hot place. (Today, it's the fifth of December and 76F/24C and 71% humidity.) Would living in a sticky, humid place have anything to do with this, as would my hair sometimes being so sweaty it looks like I was working out?

I've been desperate enough that I ordered a shampoo bar that was more than I could afford and it hasn't arrived yet but I was prepared to give up. I've been doing this for 5 months against initial skepticism from friends/family, teasing about all the natural things I do and also the hassle of mixing a fresh batch every time I want to shower because I can't stand pouring cold crap on my hair.

I mentioned off-handedly to my mother I'd bought a shampoo bar and she said, "Oh, your hair thing isn't working for you? I'm so sorry, I know you loved it." And I got righteous and agreed and said to myself, "The HELL I'm giving up!"

I don't wanna give up :( I want it to be like it was before. So I'm imploring for help.

Thank you for reading!!

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I apologize for the long post in advance. I have been no poo for about 3 months now and I had yet to have that ‘Hallelujah’ moment. My hair was terrible! It was heavy gunky/waxy I didn’t have the smooth shiny beautiful hair everyone was talking about after the transition period. Now I know I was done with the transition period bc my hair was different from the greasy mess it was in the beginning. I was looking around to figure out what the heck was wrong before I gave up on no poo I didn’t really want to go back I wanted to stick it out. I didn’t really keep good track of what I did to my hair but was trying all kinds of stuff from just water, to increasing my BS, to switching between WV and ACV and increasing and decreasing the amts of vinegar. UGH! I FINALLY found what was wrong, HARD WATER! My husband said that our area is a 10 out of 10 for hard water (used to work for our city water dept) Through all my research I had found that if you have hard water the BS doesn’t dissolve in the water and therefore doesn’t clean your hair the way it should. So Friday night I boiled my amount of water that fits in my bottle( plus a little more bc you will lose some the evaporation. You also want to use a pan that is bigger bc when you add the BS it will fizzle and you don’t want a big mess) for about 10 mins. I then added a few tablespoons of BS and watched it fizzle. Once the water has cooled you can pour it into your bottle and voila! Use it like you have been using your BS mix and follow with vinegar. I finally noticed the slight lather everyone was talking about and when my hair was dry HALLELUJAH I had beautiful, smooth, shiny, awesome hair!!!! It is now Monday, usually I have to try some cute braid or some other type of up hair, but I have my hair half up and it is still gunk/wax free and beautiful. 

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