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1st time onsite
angie1969 wrote in no_poo
Hi, I started using the no poo method with BS/ACV towards the beginning of the year. At 1st I did see results since I have curly hair and it had a lot of volume and was very frizzy before I started this experiment. After a few weeks my hair became less frizzy and the volume decreased, my curls were also more defined and my hair was softer. However, my hair is also falling a lot more then it did before and it's very hard for me to untangle it. Last week it took forever to comb.

I've been using 2tbs of BS in 500ml of water, I leave it on for a few minutes and then remove it. I then apply 2tbs of ACV in 500ml of water and remove it almost instantly. I have recently started reading this site and learned I was doing it wrong. I was adding the mixture to the entire hair vrs just the scalp. I have now bought a squeeze bottle to apply the mixture directly to my scalp instead.

I still have some questions as to if I'm doing it right or not and wanted to know if someone could guide me in this process. My hair is kind of a mess since I have dyed it several times (bleached it a lot since I used fantasy colors before), I even shaved my sides off because I couldn't take how damaged it was and that's why I'm trying this method. Anyways, my questions are the following:

1-How often am I suppose to wash my hair with this?
2-For curly thin hair, what is the best mixture of BS/ACV?
3-How am I suppose to apply it (BS on scapl/ACV on hair?)?
4-Can I still add hair product to this? (I use flax seed wax I make myself)
5-Is there anything I can use to leave my hair soft enough to comb without any trouble?

Thanks in advance for helping me with these questions. I'd really like to keep using this method because it really left my hair nice at 1st but now I'm not so sure.

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