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2partswater wrote in no_poo
I will be going surfing soon and wanted to know what I should to care for my hair once I'm out of the water. I'm just shy of 3 weeks following no poo so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I'd consider slathering it in olive oil, then when time comes to take it out, using ACV rinses. I'd probably do the slathering in oil beforehand though.

I've found herbal tea rinses to be very soothing. Although, I stopped doing them since salt water has a very nice highlighting effect that I enjoy.

Just rinse your hair very well in fresh water. Do a final cool water rinse. Salt water is good for getting product build-up and excess oil out of your hair.

I am three weeks no poo myself and I am finding that the best thing that works to get the build-up out of my hair is sea salt diluted in filtered water and I leave it in for 5 minutes and just rinse. You are lucky to live near an ocean - I have to mix my own.

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