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Pictures after 6 months of no-poo
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Click on it if you want to see it bigger.


Before routine: This is April 2007. Had blonde highlights done in november 2006. Just received a haircut on those pictures.  Washed hair with Swarzkopf shampoo and conditionner for color treated hair every other day. Used a leave-in moisturiser with silicon. For curly days, used a curl enhancer spray (don't remember the brand, but bought in salon, pretty expensive), then either let hair dry or dry with blowdrier and diffuser. For straight days, blowdried hair straight with a round brush, then applied heat-protector serum and then use straightener iron.

Picture 1: Freshly washed hair, leave-in conditioner and curl enhancer spray in. Is hair-drying on the pic. 

Picture 2: Same as picture no 1, but dry. 

Picture 3: Freshly washed hair, leave-in conditioner, curl enhancer spray and blowdried with diffuser. 

Picture 4: Freshly washed hair, leave-in conditioner, then straightening and anti-frizz serum (yup... can you believe it), then blowdried with round brush.

After routine: This is October 2007. Growing out highlights. Didn't have a cut since April. Routine is sea-salt wash once a month, 50/50 white vinegar/water twice a month, and chamomille rinse and water wash twice a week. Every time hair is wet, I apply a mix of coconut/jojoba oil on my ends. Recently added cassia to my routine, I do that every two weeks and eventually will stretch out to once a month.

Pictures 5: A week and a half after first cassia. Freshly washed with chamomille rinse and water. Oil on ends. Didn't comb when wet at all, air-drying on pictures. You can see how much thicker it looks compared to the pic no 1.

Pictures 6: Same day as pic 5, but dry. The frizz is gone by itself once dry.

Picture 7: Today, one week after second cassia, 3 days since last rinse. I did comb it when wet this time with a large toothed wooden comb, and comb every day too. 

I will never go back to shampoo, and I want to grow my hair pass BSL. My boyfriend has been poo free for the last 6 months too. He rinses his hair pretty much everyday since it's short, and when he feels the need for it uses the 50/50 W/WV or the sea-salt wash. His looks great and thicker on top too. Which is always good news! ;)

That's it for me, just wanted to share! Don't hesitate to reply if you have questions or comments! Cheers!

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thanks! It feels much better too... it's soft, not crunchy anymore!

I just wish I hadn't have those blonde highlights put in in the first place. Can't wait to grow them out... although with repeated applications of cassia obovata the two colors might blend more together.

oh, it looks so much healthier!

the collage is a great idea!

unfortunately i don't really have a picture of my hair down as a before pic. :-(

yeah, and it feels tons better too! I'm so glad I found this great community, members have been very helpful! It's so worth it in the end!

And I'm in love with cassia obovata too, I'm doing my third application next week. I'm using that as a "wash" now, but I oil thouroughly afterwards though, it's very drying. I'm hoping it'll even out my color eventually as seen here:

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Thanks! I'm really glad no-poo works for me (well, my version of it). It is worth it in the end.

The pic can give a realistic idea of what to expect from no-poo, at least for people with my hairtype.

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You're welcome. It's worth it in the end! :)

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