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ACV vs tea rinses
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emikoala wrote in no_poo
I'm roughly 15 months into no'poo here. I've always used BS and ACV, gradually reducing concentration and frequency over time. Around the 9 month and 12 month mark I used boxed dye on my hair and used the included conditioner (with nothing else) for my wash the night of the dying and 1 week later, then went back to my usual weekly ACV rinse with BS scrubs as needed (usually every 2-3 weeks). Other than that, no other product use. My routine has been fairly consistent for the last 6-7 months.

About a month ago my hair seemed to be a bit waxier and heavier around the crown than usual. Not visibly noticeable, but I could feel it when I ran my fingers through my hair close to the scalp, and they would more or less get stuck. I tried doing a BS wash even though I had done one only about a week ago, but it didn't help as much as I'd hoped. I started doing more water-only massages which kept the waxiness from getting out of control, but I couldn't seem to completely get rid of the waxiness. I'm still not sure what caused the waxiness, as I didn't change anything about my routine when the problem developed.

Last week I decided to try doing a green tea rinse instead of an ACV rinse since some people have reported "greasiness"-esque issues with ACV. Sure enough, my hair dried wonderful! The waxiness at the crown went away, and I could run my fingers through my hair again and they could slip through easily. I was hesitant to report success here until I used it again, in case I had merely washed away one product's buildup only to start forming a new sort of buildup.

I did another tea rinse two nights ago, this time I used both a green tea bag and a herbal tea mix bag (the herbal more for the scent). My hair was still lovely and soft and light. My hair is doing wonderfully again and I'm pretty sold on using tea rinses instead of ACV from now on. I also have slightly wavy hair and tea seems to weigh the waves down ever so slightly less. I didn't gain any curls, but brushing my hair several times in one day no longer seems to brush the waves out.

Though I'm not sure why ACV stopped working for me, I'd recommend tea rinses to other ACV users in a similar position...if a problem develops with waxiness out of nowhere, try substituting tea for ACV and see if that solves things! Plus, maybe now I'll stop getting the, "But doesn't your hair stink of vinegar??" question when I tell people about my routine.

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My hair has started having a waxy problem since living in this particular building. The only thing that has helped was clay mixtures, but those are really expensive, so I try and space them out with WO. Unfortunately, WO turns slightly oily (but still soft) hair into a waxy, stiff mess. Is this what you are experiencing? If so, I'll grab my jasmine green tea and declare you my hero!

What specifically do you do? Rinse hair with water, then pour the tea over it, or put the tea on dry hair? How long do you leave it in for? How long do you rinse it out for? Does this make a difference?

Thanks for posting this!

When I got into the shower I stuck a tea bag in my usual pouring cup and filled it with warm water from the spout and let that steep while I did all my other shower stuff (~3 minutes). I got my hair wet first and then poured the tea over my hair making sure to get all the sides of my head, then rinsed from the showerhead within about 20-30 seconds after pouring it on.

Thanks! I'm going to copy you! :) Hope I get similar results.

For shampoo users, their hair looks especially nice the day they start using a new shampoo. Maybe this is a similar effect? For some reason your hair gets adapted to or used to the ACV and switching it up fixes the problem?

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But what buildup would be caused by ACV and/or water? How would green tea act any differently?

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I agree, and to an extent, I have the same experience with switching things around being beneficial. I was just curious what the buildup might be. I'm always curious about how things work, 'cuz if I know that, I can find other, cooler things that work! :D (Plus I was bored. lol)

I have always read (and to some degree believed) that switching washes or 'interrupting' the routine with other benefits hair as the scalp doesn't get too adjusted to the same routine, which perhaps would make it lose the original cleansing power??

I know that its recommended with shampoos to use a 'clarifying shampoo' every once in a while to rid of buildup, but I believe that this probably has a bit more hair stripping cr*p in it so wouldn't exactly benefit your hair, just turn it to straw lol. Also just another plan of companies to get you to spend more money on other products to line their pockets...

Sorry, went off on a bit of a rant there!

ACV does supposedly have all those beneficial nutrients in it which is why you use it instead of WV. Maybe some of those or other natural chemicals in there are building up on your hair?

Hmmmm, sounds reasonable. I remember WV working better than ACV for a time, so that makes sense.
Now I'm curious what makes green tea a good washing agent (different from water). Is it acidic? I imagine mildly so? Darn it, I'm just going to go try it. :P

Yep, it is acidic on a level similar to lemon/lime juice. I let mine steep for 3-4 minutes, I'm not sure if the amount of steeping time affects the acidity level, though that seems probably.

I found that after returning from holiday where there was soft water, my hair totally took a turn for the worse. However, I've not used ACV in about 3 or 4 weeks so I don't think I can blame that. I've been using BS/lime juice for my main 'wash' then other days WO.

But recently instead of using chamomile and lemon as an occasional highlight rinse, I just used chamomile to de-grease after hearing about TheSorrowful's result with chamomile only (thnx for the tip!). It dried quite well and looked less greasy than normal, only drawback was it took aaages to dry but I think my hair had to re-adjust to the hard water so no worries there. Is there an explanation for why teas work so well, I'd love to know what the 'wow' factor is?

As for steeping time I try to keep it steeped as long as possible, so I can get the strongest solution. I also in my last wash added in fresh mint, rosemary and some aloe vera with the tea bag to give some antibacterial power and it made the rinse smell lovely too! Oh and I always add in honey as it moisturises my hair. :)

Chamomile chamomile...

Also another question of mine, could I use BS and then a chamomile rinse (is it an acidic Ph?), or would it just have to use chamomile without anything else? :S I guess what I want to know is do I still need to keep the acid rinse (lime juice) if I want to use chamomile regularly?

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