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Baking soda and blonde hair
skincare_expert wrote in no_poo
 For all of you blondes: have you found that baking soda bleached your hair (I mean in a bad way, not a sun-kissed pretty way?). I feel like it weakened my hair's condition, but I could just be paranoid.

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I have darkblond hair, and I´ve found BS to have bleached my hair. It sort of fades the colour. I think I had a too strong BS-water solution for too long time. If I´ve understood it right, the reason for bleaching is the oxidation of hair but I don´t know if blond hair is more sensitive to it or not. Please correct me someone if I have it wrong.

I added the "unwanted lightening" tag to your entry; many people have had their hair damaged by baking soda. I have brown hair, and baking soda damaged my hair. I think there should be a warning in this community's userinfo.

Hey thanks, thats exactly the reason why I haven't wanted to try it. I've been using sea salt (only about 3 times, I just started this) but it doesn't seem to be doing much. I guess I'll just give it some time.

I have dark/medium blonde hair. I've been using BS since day 1 (7 months ago) and have yet to see any bleaching. I make fairly weak solutions (1tsp-1tbsp in 1-2 cups water). I think BS is great, and I acknowledge that some people have issues with it, but all I can say is it has been wonderful for me and I don't know what I've done differently.

Ok, thanks! Good to know. Maybe I'll try it after all. Everything else has been making my hair too gross to deal with.

I have dark blonde very dry hair, and I found it way too drying. I also found it lightened my hair a bit, but not in a lovely sun-kissed golden way that chamomile does, but rather more a greyish nasty colour.

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