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Suave cleansing conditioner too...cleansing?
jivete wrote in no_poo
So I washed this morning with the Suave naturals cleansing condtioner, and I feel like it's too good of a cleanser.  I've spent all morning trying to re-moisturize my hair and I even used a 2nd, heavier more expensive and moisturizing conditioner on the length.  So for anyone wanting to CO but feel they need a little more cleaning power, try this one.  I think I'll let the boys use it and go back to less harsh conditioner.  Sheesh, it might as well have been shampoo.

Note:  I'm day 80 something with no poo for those new to this method. 

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I'm having the same problem with my Aubrey conditioner. In fact, everything leaves my hair too dry ! I'm not sure if this is a result of using SLS/polymers most of my life and my oil glands are still sleeping it off, or if I'm just a dry person in general. When you find a conditioner that actually leaves some moisture behind, let me know.

I'm fine with the regular suave naturals conditioners. I use the tangerine one and it smells really good. It might be thicker than some of the other ones. I've heard the coconut one is actually runny, but the tangerine isn't runny, just light.

I just read the ingredient list on Suave Naturals and there's 2 'cones in it. That may explain why it's not very moisturizing.

Just found this no-poo community

So glad that I found a "no shampoo" community. I've only used shampoo less than ten times in two years I think, and then it was only because I put oil in my hair to "condition it." What a stupid thing to do. Anyway, the latest "no poo" way to clean my hair is with borax. I only use about 1/8 teaspoon in about a cup of water and massage it in and leave it in for about a minute and rinse it out. I have read somehwere that you are supposed to rinse it out real good as it's bad for your skin, or hair, or something like that, but I find that it cleans my hair and feels real soft and silky as it is rinsing out. Doesn't dry it out either. I am interested in going back now to read other peoples' posts!

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