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the no 'poo method

no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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Reporting back after a year of no shampoo.
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xdeemer wrote in no_poo
I havn't posted here in, well, ages. I thought I'd give everyone a little update and let you know what's been working for me no-poo wise :)

I started out using BS and ACV which worked relatively well but I didn't want to keep doing that because it made my skin quite flakey.. So I started looking for alternatives. These include experiments with white vinegar, tea tree oil, rice water, salt water, ... but there were always complications. In fact, in retrospect none of these (or combinations of 'em) really worked as they should've.

After a couple of months I was obviously getting annoyed with the whole no shampoo thing and how it wasn't working out for me. Thankfully I was stubborn enough to do something I never thought would actually work (because I'm quite sure we have rather hard water here); Water Only rinses. I gave it a shot after reading two or three entries of people who've used WO and nothing else and got away with that just fine.. And guess what, it works.

I've noticed that what's really important for WO to succeed is combing your hair very well with a brush to distribute the oils very well, massage the scalp and loosen up/get rid of loose hairs before you shower (I use a wooden brush because the boar bristle brush doesn't sound very cruelty-free to me.), and start with rinsing my hair and massaging my scalp with warm water when I get in the shower. Before I get out of the shower I end with (and this is very important) rinsing my hair thoroughly with hot water, gradually decreasing the temperature to as cold as my tap allows it. This is a bit of a challenge, especially in winter, but it's worth it (and hey, uh, it makes you feel alive?)

This has been working out a lot better for me than any of the other stuff I've used. It's great to be product-free, and it's made my very very unmanageable hair a bit more manageable. I've only felt like I needed to clarify with a mild WV rinse about three times in the past year or so.. and I can't even remember the last time I did it.

So all in all, if nothing else works for you, try WO. You might be in for a pleasant suprise :)

Oh, the only downside (but I've had this happen ever since I went no-poo) is the greyish paste residue on my brushes. They're fairly easy to clean out after soaking them in White Vinegar though.

(ps: I don't know how to abbreviate my post like some people do so.. if anyone wants to share that secret with me, lemme know so I can take up a little less space on the main page :) this message turned out quite long.)

I hope this will help some people out!

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Brilliant :) thank you!

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Great! Make sure you comb it very thoroughly, if you do it "right" you'll start noticing your hair will look greasier after combing, and have a few loose hairs stuck in your combs. This is perfectly allright though, because you're spreading the sebum all over your hair instead of keeping it hidden at the roots which will make it easier to rinse it clean, and the loose hairs are just dead hairs that get loosened up as you massage your scalp. Also the temperature thing is integral to the whole thing for some reason :]

I used to experiment with tea tree oil rinses but somehow it usually left my hair more oily (even though it's supposed to help fight greasyness). Havn't tried any other oils though.. some of them might work great with WO, and in all fairness I havn't tried any oils in my recent WO regime so.. I can only encourage you to give it a try sometime if the plain WO thing isn't working properly.

Let me know how everything worked out!

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I just read on another thread that boar's bristles are picked up off of the ground, not plucked from the boar itself. Hope that's true, because I sure as heck wouldn't want to try plucking anything off of a wild boar !

(Deleted comment)
Well, wooden brushes supposedly do the exact same thing as boar bristle brushes, picking up the sebum and spreading it over the rest of your hair, so look out for one of 'em :] I found mine in a Body Shop store.. it wasn't too cheap but it's okay to invest a bit in a lifestyle that'll save you tons of cash on shampoos and conditioners, right?

Blasting cold water on my head after a warm shower is too much of a shock for me, really! One of the advantages of gradually doing it (other than that it apparantlty helps to move decrease sebum somehow) is that it's a bit more bearable.. and still wakes you up because you end up with cold water anyways :] 

.. Though I sometimes shower in the evenings which kindof destroys the point of it waking up but there you go.

(Deleted comment)
That's awesome :] you're very welcome! I know how great it feels to have things looking up, the road to no'poo isn't an easy one, hehe.

I understand why hot water would help, but why do you gradually make it colder? And how did you even think to do that?

I think I got the idea from snooping around here and reading about someone who said they did WO and gradually changed the temperature as a final rinse and rubbing the scalp while doing so.. and at that time I was so desperate to make something work I made sure I got all the little details right :] and I'm glad I did!

Any chance you have some before/after pics? Or even just afters, it sounds like your hair is doing great!

I'll snoop around or maybe make some (because I don't usually take pictures that focus on my hair after all :] ) as soon as I have some more free time on my hands. I'm quite happy with my hair really, it's far more manageable. There's some frizzyness now and then but I've always had that, I have incredibly unruly hair but it's definatly improved without shampoo :)

I've gone WO for a year and I also found out it's the water temperature which does it. I rinse my hair thoroughly with hothot (as hot as i can handle, max 50C) water, massaging the scalp and such. My hair's never been better. I also didn't really have any troubles when I went WO - my hair was a little bit greasy for a week, but then it went away.

The funny thing is that I use wax for my hair (i have short hair and i love those funky hairstyles..) but my hair's all fine. the hothot water rinses most of it out.

i think the point of my comment was just that i don't understand all those fancy methods because WO is really the only way to go.. O.o

Woah :) I didn't know you could just kinda rinse wax out. Though it makes sense with the warm water.. I've not used any styling products in my hair in years though. The only thing I do is straighten mine a bit when it gets a bit longer to make it easier to manage.. Though nothing beats short hair really but suprisingly, for a guy most short hairstyles don't look too good on me. You're luckier than I am, hehe :P

You're right about WO making the most sense though. I distinctly remember fooling around with rice water and salt water rinses, going to the shower with two waterbottles instead of shampoo bottles and thinking "wait, wasn't no'poo supposed to make my shower routine easier??".

I think it depends on the wax you use. I've tried different kinds, and I've found a really good one. ID hair hard gold.
I just googled it, and it's without parabens. ingredients list:
Aqua/Water, Petrolatum, Ceteareth 20, Oleth-5, Oleth-3, Phosphate, Polyquaternium-11, C18-36 Acid Glycol Ester, Microwax 80, Ethanol, Carnauba Wax, PVP/VA, Sorbitol Glycerin, Ethoxylated Lanolin, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohols, Cyclomethicone, I.P.M, Dimethiconal, Fragrance, Sodium Benzoate Chloracetamide.

it's very popular here in Denmark and can be found on a lot of (Danish) webshops, but I can't actually find a website for it anywhere O.o maybe it's a Danish product.

haha! exactly. the only products I use in shower is a soap free body scrub for my skin. Makes showering the much faster and easier, and it does wonders to the body too, without all that stuff.

I think I'll take the plunge!

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