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Smoking, dreadlocks and no poo
mutta wrote in no_poo
Hey everyone,
I've started no poo roughly a month ago on a vacation, though the start was a lot easier for me than one who's been washing with shampoo daily; I've given up normal shampoo two years ago and used only herbal sea-salt shampoo since, I've been washing my hair only every third or fourth day. As I have dreadlocks I was suspicious of using baking soda - I didn't want it to get stuck in my locks - so I just stopped using shampoo and have been only washing with water (first very hot rinse and scrub and then my sculp with cold water). This seemed fine, my locks were fine, my sculp wasn't too oily or itchy and my straight bang (hair on the forehead) didn't look oily or dirty.

Though during my vacation I had a problem with smells sticking in my hair, my boyfriend said my hair smelled like old red wine, coffee and tar from cigarettes. Yesterday (being a month off shampoo) I washed my hair with my herb shampoo to get rid of the smells and rinsed with mint tea, but the cigarette smell stuck again pretty quickly (as I smoke regularly). Now I'm afraid that I don't get the smell off ever with pure water and tea rinses. Experiences or tips? Would baking soda and ACV rinse help me to get rid of the smell better? How about green tea - would it help?

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When I had dreads (and washed with shampoo), smells really stuck in them, particularly smoke. It would take a week or two for smoke smells to fully dissipate. They'd fade down, but when I showered I'd smell them again pretty strongly.

I do use vinegar in my laundry to remove stains and smells, so a vinegar rinse might help.

Sorry I don't have any other advice for you, but I wanted to let you know that the smell-retention aspect of dreads is not just you.

I think you should just quit smoking cigarettes. Two birds, one stone.

Would help of course, but not for the other smells (about the coffee smell that I refer in the entry, I've never drunk coffee).

vinegar and lemon juice are both known to deodorize things. I'd try either or both diluted in water, then rinse with cold water.

i once read in an internet forum, of someone who was having smell issues with their dreadlocks, and they just soaked their hair in a fairly strong solution of bs. they changed the water in the bucket every once in a while, and did this until the water was clear, and then did a thourough water only rinse. another member of the forum recommended they do this every few months/weeks as maintenance. i believe this information was on the lj comm get_up_dread_up, you might want to poke around in there.

Baking soda is a good deodouriser.
Not smoking indoors would lessen the amount that gets in your hair too.

Okay, thanks. So I've got to try just the usual vinegar and baking soda. But does the smell of vinegar stick in dreadlocks more easily than in straight hair?

(I very rarely smoke indoors and have noticed that after smoking indoors the smell really sticks.)

You can also try a lemon or lime rinse (50% juice or less and water) instead of the vinegar with your BS wash. Both remove odors, just rinse well or you might get some sun bleaching (especially lime).

Thanks a lot! Unfortunately I've dyed my hair dark brown but at least I don't get the vinegar smell when using your succession. :)

The vinegar and BS helps me get smells out when my hair stinks a bit, but also beware that the vinegar smell sticks arounds pretty strongly on its own, probably even more with dreads. I find I have to rinse a whole lot more than normal to get my hair to smell like hair again. Using a couple of drops of an essential oil might help.

I had a problem with smells sticking in my hair as well, but for me it helps a lot to do a white vinegar rinse. I add a couple of drops of lavender oil, and use one tablespoon of white vinegar in 500 ml (two cups) of water. I let it sit on the hair while I massage my scalp a little and then rinse thoroughly.

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