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Waxy build-up with WO wash
polniere wrote in no_poo
So I went WO a few months ago. It worked great the first 6-7 weeks. And then I went to the beach. The first day the salt water cleansed my hair a little, which was fine with me. On the second day when I got in the water, there was clear/white stuff floating everywhere. It looked like ground up jellyfish - clear, sticky, and gelatinous. It decided it would attach itself to my hair and make my life hell. No matter how many times I rinsed my hair in the shower it just wouldn't come out! I even used Bronners to no avail. I figured I'd just let it dry and use a fine-tooth comb and a lice comb to get it out. BIG mistake! My hair resembled a large rats nest. It was like having gum all over my hair. I freaked and had to shampoo my hair about 8 times for this crap to come out. I went back to WO from there on, but now I just can't seem to get rid of this waxy build-up. I do a hot water wash on the highest setting my shower head will go, follow with massaging my scalp with a wash cloth, then I comb it with a wide-tooth comb and a finer tooth comb, and finally I do a cold wash on the highest setting. I did this before the beach and it always worked.

I'm afraid I might have reset my hair back to when I used shampoo, and now I'm going through detox again.

Has anything like this happened to anyone else? And how can I deal with all this wax?

Also, I was thinking about getting my hair cut to better manage it. It is now almost to mid-back. I'd like to hack off about 9-10 inches. Is short hair easier to manage than long hair with no-poo?

I'd really appreciate any help because this is driving me INSANE!

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(Deleted comment)
Luckily, we don't have hard water at my house. I used a WV rinse last night, I don't know if that qualifies as an alkaline wash or not, but that seemed to help with the waxiness. I think I'm going to continue with that for a while and see where it goes. Thanks!

If it's soap scum, the acidity of the vinegar may help reduce it.

i don't know about the waxiness, but i have hair that's about shoulder length and find no poo very easy to manage. also, if you cut your hair, please donate it to locks of love.

i have waist length hair and find it no harder to manage with no poo than when i was doing shampoo or co.

if you cut it consider donating it (if it is virgin hair) but lol is not everything they claim to be and you may want to do some research.

Might be worth using a shampoo, just the once?
My hair is reaaaaly short (less than an inch) so I went straight from washing with shampoo to water only and since then haven't bothered putting anything but water (and occasionally sun lotion!) on my hair. We went swimming in a lake a few times the other week which seemed to make my scalp and hair feel all scuzzy, there was some kind of film on the water. I did a shampoo wash just once (If i'd been home I'd have used the shampoo I have with no crap in it, but as it was I just used my friend's normal one) and my hair seems fine again now.

Though, it IS hard to tell if my hair is good or bad, there being so little of it.

When my hair went through a horrible case of the "waxies," I would "cut" through it with a very strong WV/water rinse. I have also tried strong ACV rinses as well, with mixed results. My solutions would be about 50% WV and 50% water and I used cold water to rinse them out. They seemed to be the only thing that helped when my hair went into full-on helmet mode. Good luck!

P.S. I tried Applesauce once on the waxies- disaster! Do not recommend.

I started no 'poo when my hair was just past my ears and it's now shoulder-length. I can't speak for those with really long hair, but I don't think the detox period was any kinder to me because I had shorter hair. The only difference might be that the amount of your concoctions may be more or less depending on hair length. e.g. I use shikakai and I have to use very little to clean my hair. People with longer hair may need more? Since a lot of the methods of no 'poo involve getting directly to the scalp, I'm not sure people with long hair would be any worse off than people with short hair. Just may take longer to make sure all your "stuff" is rinsed out of your hair.

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