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New boar bristle brush
hiriel1804 wrote in no_poo
Hello everyone, newbie reporting :)

As of my last shower, I'm washing my hair water-only (yep, cold turkey), hoping I won't be swimming in grease as I only shampooed my hair once or twice a week anyway. My hair is "bra strap length" and very thick. I'm buying new brushes and combs from Denman, and have a question. They have a BBB-only brush, and one with nylon quills as well, to better penetrate thick hair. As I said, my hair is thick. But I understand that the point of a brush like that isn't to detangle (am getting a comb for that), so it doesn't really need to penetrate the hair, yes? So, which brush do you think is best for me? Should I go for the one with the quills, or not? If anyone knows another place to buy brushes, feel free to recommend. I'm a student so I can't afford something wildly expensive, and I prefer someone shipping from Europe as I don't have the patience to wait a month ;) Getting one offline, so to speak, will be difficult where I live.

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I'd say get an Afro comb (looks like a wide, wide fork) for initial untangling and sorting, and sort the little snitty bits at the ends of your hair with the tips of your boar's bristle brush, then brush your hair out. Nylon 'bristles' tend to scrape and score the scalp hence irritating it into overproducing oils, and nylon snaps back from the simplest of tangles, worsening them and causing snagging and possibly split ends.

You can also invest in wooden-bristled brushes, which work well with no poo too in my experience. Both may be found at the nearest Body Shop, or if you're not living near one you might look into ordering a set via mail - Yves Rocher, I believe, is also one company that offers cosmetics and byproducts by mail order here Up North. Here: and I hope the selection stays the same regardless of the language - if they can ship their products here, they should be able to ship them *there*, too. I wish you luck.

We do have the Body Shop, but I want a BBB and I don't think they carry them. I just wondered about quills or no quills. It doesn't have nylon bristles, but boar bristles and one nylon quill in the center of each bunch of bristles. But I'm leaning towards no quills, I think.

Really? My local Body Shop carries BBBs, but maybe the shops here in Finland are a bit funny in that way, too. All in all, it's your decision - see what feels good to you and what is the easiest alternative to tackling your variety of hair. Curly and/or thick hair is definitely tricky, and it took me some months to find my chosen brushes and methods. (Hint: brush your hair in segments, then snip them into a bundle with those neat little watchamacallems that look like the lovechild of a pair of combs and a clam shell while you take on the other parts of your hair. Or twirl them into miniature buns and secure with elastic, whatever floats your boat.)

I went to Sally Beauty Supply to look for a boar bristle brush. They have one there that's double sided. One side has soft bristles and the other side has really thick bristles. I like the thicker side for detangling and the soft side for general brushing. Only 3 dollars. If you have a Sally's near you, you can check it out. If not, go to whatever beauty supply store you do have and they'll probably have something like it.

I know you said you want a BBB, but you also said that your hair is thick. Penetration into the hair actually is important to properly distribute those oils. If you are only brushing the surface, you are not getting all of your hair. Even separating the hair, and brushing in chunks didn't work for me. I recommend a wooden brush or comb. Works great for me. (another thick-haired no pooer)

I've recently bought a few from amazon and ebay.

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