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Oily scalp+dandruff+pimples+thin hair+dry hair+shampoo everyday!
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anylinde wrote in no_poo
Hey, I'm desperate. I'm begging, please please someone help me out.

I have horrible hair. I use a mild, non-drying (or so Dove says) anti-dandruff shampoo daily (the bottle says it is a daily use shampoo). I don't really have a choice because even if I skip a day of using it, my scalp becomes dirty and oily and I literally get pimples on my scalp between the hair! And of course, incredibly oily as my entire face is, I get ugly pimples on that as well. And I don't have to look for more than 1-2 seconds to find a bunch of white dots in my hair either. Scratching my scalp almost always results in me getting the white gunk under my nails. As a result of this, my would-be-beautiful wavy hair itself is very dry and thin. I would like to grow it long, esp since short hair doesn't look good on me, but it just looks horrible (flat on top, frizzy everywhere else) and I'm forced to get it cut every few months (I'm 20, if that's of any relevance).

So, my questions..
1) Will following the baking soda routine work? Esp considering I have dandruff, and the horrible hair "care" regime I'm currently on?
2) Is it necessary to use the apple cider vinegar conditioner as well? I live in India and ACV is hard to come by (as are all the other recommended branded products), I really have never seen it anywhere ever, and ordering it online would be expensive for me. Or can I use another conditioner?
3) Does my environment affect the routine? I live in Mumbai and it's pretty polluted, hot and humid. I usually manage to keep away from the first, but it's hard to do so from the other two.
4) Is it possible to estimate how long it would take for the BS routine to work on a person like me, if at all?

Having to shampoo my hair everyday is a major pain in the butt, and I feel embarrassed about my hair. But I'm mostly home for 6 months a year (3 months at a time), and I could try going no poo then. Please, please help me. I really don't want to go bald!!

ETA: I dunno if this is important but my hair currently goes to a bit below my neck. Although with summer on the way, I might cut it in a while.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh okay, makes sense, thanks.

I have never had dandruff, but I have always, I mean all my life, had foliculitis, which is pimples on the head. I can tell you that since going no-poo it has cleared up TREMENDOUSLY! I still get an occasional pimple on my scalp but nowhere near as bad as they used to be. I use BS and ACV but if the ACV is hard to come by for you probably any acid rinse will do.

That's encouraging to know, thanks!

This isn't no-poo, but I recently started using Head and Shoulders and I am pretty amazed with the results (for a long time I used only ntural/organic stuff and it kind of helped but my hair felt unhealthy.)

so if no-pooing doesn't work give h&s a try? :)

Ah no I don't think so. Head & Shoulders I've heard a lot of crap about. Even my sister used to use it some years back and she said it really worsened her dandruff. So thanks anyway. And lol @ your av :P

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