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Coconut oil for itchy scalp
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gliriolielin wrote in no_poo
For some time I've been struggling with itchy scalp. At first I thought it was dandruff so I tried remedies for that. Eventually I gave up and bought a dandruff shampoo from a pharmacy. That worked, at first. Then the scalp got itchy again.

SO I though, maybe it's not dandruff, maybe the scalp is just dry because of all the shampoo I've been using. So I dried coconut oil, just a tiny bit every day. Then the scalp got less itchy so now I apply coconut oil maybe every week, if that. I do get itchy sometimes, but it's nothing compared to what it used to be like.

(I wash my hair with a mix of shikakai powder and other things, white vinegar rinse after that. Works really well right now!)

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How do you put it in? Just take a ball and roll it in like "gel"? Does it makes your hair greasy? How long is your hair?

My husband is no-poo with me, and while I am fine he's been getting some itchy scalp. His hair is short (1 - 2" at most) and coarse/thick and dark red. If this works for you I'd like to give him some tips to try it.

When the oil is not solid, I just dip my finger in, put a bit on my palm too and rub it on my scalp. After a couple of applications it does get greasy but for me it doesn't matter much. I don't think the hair length is relevant because you'd be putting the oil in your scalp only, but mine is quite long.

OH, and when the oil is solid, I rub the finger on it a bit to get it oily, then massage my scalp as usual.

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I tried all those things and they didn't help much, until now.

The shikakai powder is not just shikakai powder, it comes from a box with all sorts of things, that was the only one I could find.

And yes, I am hoping the scalp will adjust. Well, it has already because it isn't as itchy as it used to be, so there's some hope!

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