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the no 'poo method

no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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Conditioner Bar Success
lightgreendryad wrote in no_poo
Five months after making this post, I found myself in a dilemma: I had bought One Conditioner Bar online from their website, but they'd changed the formula of their bar. When I used it in the shower, it squished apart in my hands and flaked to pieces in my hair before I could get it rubbed into my scalp. I had an Email correspondence with the founder of the company who said they'd added Moroccan Oil to the recipe because of complaints he'd gotten from other customers that it was too solid.

So the search for a different conditioner bar began again. After buying one sample bar from an Etsy seller than had sulfates in it (even when she promised me it didn't and sent me an ingredient list), I found a great supplier for a great no-poo solid conditioner bar.

At the risk of giving her so much business that I can't buy any myself, I'll share: her name is CourtneyJo, and her shop is MilkAndHoneyNaturals. Her bars are all natural, and she started making them because her kids were allergic to the bad stuff. She uses her own bars herself as well. She's totally cool with selling sample sizes (one sample was $6.75 total for me) and she's friendly and quick to reply.

I've been buying her bars since October of last year. I found that, at first, I went through a bar per month, but now, I think my scalp has fully adjusted to a little less conditioner so each bar stretches to a month and a half. I don't use anything else; I shower every two or three days and scrub the bar directly onto my scalp, then rinse with warm water.

It's a simple routine with a happy, non-itching, very little dandruff scalp and smooth, non-frizzy, non-static-y hair that smells good. The bar even increases the natural wave in my hair just a little to give it more of a curl.

Celebrate a success story with me for a moment, will you? Do a little happy dance wherever you are for one no-poo girl who has a stable hair routine with acceptable results. Then, if you have any conditioner bar experiences, I'd love to hear them.

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yay! Thanks sooo much! I just ordered something :)

Do you know if your water is hard or soft?
Im looking into making or buying shampoo and/or conditioner bars but I have EXTREMELY hard water which has given me lots of problems wile going no-poo. So I was wondering how well they work with hard water.
Thanks! :)

According to this map, my water is slightly hard.

Why don't you ask the seller, CourtneyJo? Just contact her via Etsy. She makes both shampoo and conditioner bars and she lives in Missouri.

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