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moving/traveling and no poo?
nnnph wrote in no_poo
So I've been no poo for almost 9 months now! I did an experiment last week and shampooed my hair. I forgot how much my hair tangles after washing it with shampoo. What a mess! Anyways, now 6 days later, my hair's just starting to look greasy! Before going no poo, I had to wash my hair every single day or else it'd be as greasy day 2 that it now is on day 6. This is probably my best kept secret. (Still haven't told my friends or family. Hopefully that'll happen soon!) I haven't experimented with much, just some tea rinses, applesauce and honey! I knew from the get go I wanted to be WO, and I didn't want to mess with BS, it seemed too similar to shampoo for me when I was trying to get my hair out of the "needs to be washed everyday" phase.

Since going no poo, I haven't traveled for a length of time long enough that I had to worry about washing my hair while traveling. But I'll be traveling shortly! I am WO but recently found my hair loves WO+honey, to combat dryness.

My fears: I've heard plenty on this community about hard water. I believe my water is somewhat-hard. While visiting my dad a while back I took a shower at his house and my hair turned out AWFUL, I figured it was because I was going through my transition phase, but now I'm not so sure, he might have hard water. I don't want hard water ruining my no poo experience.

Oh, and another thing. Soon I'll be moving (across state lines), I'm worried about how I'll have to tweak my routine! I'd rather not go through the lengthy process of figuring out how my hair and new water will get along. Should I invest in a shower filter? How exactly do the "portable" ones work? I've tried to look for them but I guess I'm not sure exactly what I should be looking for.

This is where you come in. Any advice? Have any of you gone through this? Is a shower filter worth the money? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds!

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Yeah hard water is a bummer. You can't really do water only with hard water and no shower head but a citrus rinse will help keep minerals from building up in your hair.

citrus rinse only, like without BS or anything?

Yeah, I had pretty good results except my hair is still transitioning and is going through a crazy greasy period so I started using bs and salt washes, but I think it was working fine and I hope to go back to doing just citurs rinses after my hair normalizes

IMHO, a shower filter is a MUST. There's really no better solution. The good news is that you can unscrew it and take it with you anywhere you go. I'm definitely getting one before I go to London again. Worst. Water. EVAR!

For a shower filter, is it similar to the Brita filters where you have to change them every so often? just curious, I haven't had much luck researching shower filters on my own.

I am a student moving between my parents house with sorta hard water and my student accomodation with very hard water and honestly, my hair has never freaked out by the constant change. And I've never needed a shower filter. I rinse my hair with filtered water, and typically I just need more filtered water in halls. I do think my hair is in better condition at home though. If the move was permenant I could see why you'd be freaking, Typically, if my hair seems to be getting in bad shape lemon juice or tea helps, as does the occasional egg rinse to remove really bad buildup. good luck!

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Aaaamen. I love the water here in Oregon.

I had the same aversion you did to baking soda when I first started no 'poo. I use conditioner bars, which are simple to apply, simple to rinse, and simple to transport. Just let it dry like a bar of soap, then toss it in your makeup bag. If you can't let it dry, put it in some squares of wax paper or a plastic bag. Or you can even get fancy and use a bar tin, depending on which conditioner bar you're using. There are also shampoo bars. I've also heard, faintly, of people applying plain soap to their scalps, but I've never tried it.

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